Vending machines might be the most frustrating invention of our time. They’re big, bulky, heavy, they eat your change, and are statistically more likely to kill than a shark. No, seriously. The only positive is when your bag of chips gets stuck and you get to give that thing a good thump.

The same goes for industrial vending machines. They take up so much space in your warehouse and have to be serviced regularly. But we have a solution!

Introducing our Virtual Vending Machines!

What is a Virtual Vending Machine?

A Virtual Vending Machine acts just like a physical vending machine – but without a massive hunk of metal in your way.

You and your team can order products online and get them delivered FAST. We’ll make sure your Virtual Vending Machine is always stocked with the gear you use every day.

What are the Benefits of a Virtual Vending Machine?

• Easy online ordering.
• Same-day pickup.
• Next-day delivery.
• Product categories created just for YOU!
• Custom pricing.
• No cost to set up.
• Pay with PO numbers on account.
• Pay with credit cards.
• Employee spending limits.
• No need to restock & much more!

How Do I Get One of These Bad Boys?

Complete the contact form below and one of our team members will give you a buzz. We’ll work with you to get your very own Virtual Vending Machine set up right away.