For all your road construction and similar project needs, TrafFix Devices Inc. has the safety equipment specially designed for the job! And your trusted team of tool distributors at MC Tool & Safety can help you get your hands on it.

When it comes to finding safety equipment for civil construction work, TrafFix Devices is a trusted manufacturer for all things safety and functionality. With over three decades of experience in manufacturing traffic control devices and crash attenuation products, they are renowned across the country and throughout the world. This means that while they are based in California, they have products that can do the job in Minnesota and the surrounding Midwest!

Road Construction Aids From TrafFix

Municipalities looking to stock up on signage, cones, and other safety and directional products for roadway changes will find everything they need through TrafFix, including:

  • Signs and Sign Stands
  • Cones, Delineators, and Channelizers
  • Barricades, Barriers, and Attenuators

Signs and Sign Stands

TrafFix makes flexible signs that can be rolled up and stored during the off-season or until your next project. Not only do they make the signs, but they also manufacture a variety of sign stands and other sign accessories to completely outfit your project. Whichever signs are relevant to the work you’re doing, TrafFix is guaranteed to make them.

This also includes overlay attachments to help change the direction for motorists as your project progresses. Whether you need to notify motorists of a closed lane, elements that affect their driving, or simply to be aware and mindful of your crew at work, we can supply you a sign for it.

Cones, Delineators, and Channelizers

There are some fancy words when it comes to traffic control for construction projects and TrafFix knows them all! To help direct traffic safely through or around your construction site, TrafFix has a huge selection of bright orange products to help.

From standard cones for smaller projects to delineators and channelizers that help direct traffic on busier roadways, whatever project you’re planning for, MC Tool & Safety can help ensure driver and worker safety. Delineators help establish direction and barriers that are easy to move while still also being hard for drivers to miss. For highway and freeway construction projects, large channelizer drums can help move traffic the direction you want it to go. Whatever traffic direction needs you have, TrafFix Devices has the cones to help.

Barricades, Barriers, and Attenuators

TrafFix also makes a variety of products to help block off roadways or parking lots, and for protection in the event of a crash.

Standard familiar barricade signs can help notify drivers or pedestrians that a roadway is closed to thru traffic, or to be aware of a hazardous hole or work area. Bright orange water-weighted plastic barriers can be strung together as a portable alternative to heavy, hard-to-move cement blockades, still providing a tested crash barrier wall. For another crash cushion option, the MASH tested SLED attenuator is a high-visibility barrier designed to rupture on impact and absorb the energy created.

Keep your structures and projects protected with these TrafFix Devices Inc products available through MC Tool & Safety.

Cover all of your safety bases for all of your upcoming road construction projects with devices from TrafFix. Contact the team at MC Tool & Safety today 763-786-5350.