For every conceivable cutting job, there’s an MK Morse Blade to help you out. From the Metal Devil to Bimetal, to the Master Cobalt line, if MK Morse Company makes a blade for a saw, MC Tool & Safety can supply you with it.

We like what MK Morse does with saw blades because while they didn’t invent them, they’ve taken manufacturing them quite seriously. They are dedicated to serving their customers well with their products, which is after our own heart at MC Tool & Safety. As a company, they’ve invested in researching and developing a saw blade that does just what the end-user needs it to do. They’ve worked to manufacture better and smarter, from materials to warehousing. And that’s quality you can count on when you put their blades in motion.

Industrial Band Saw Blades

If there’s a utility and trade, MK Morse makes the blade for it, and MC Tool & Safety supplies you with them. We carry a variety and can source you with whatever MK Morse makes that meets your need.

  • Circular Saw Blades
  • Reciprocating Saw Blades
  • Metal Cutting Saws

Circular Saw and Reciprocating Saw Blades

MK Morse has manufactured a blade for every imaginable application and material, especially crafting each one with its potential in mind. From general purpose to high-performance cutting, their blades do it all.

Banded blades from MK Morse come in a variety of materials suited to the needs of different trades. These include carbide tipped blades with ratings ranging from C1 to C4, fatigue-resistant carbon industrial blades, and combination bi-metal blades with a blend of steel and alloy. Carbide tipped saw blades are rated C1 to C4 for their level of carbide which is suited to different types of work.

These blades were designed for aluminum castings, composite materials, rough cutting of abrasive wood and plywood. The carbon industrial blades are best suited for application with wood, as their specially designed alloy fatigue-resistant. These are also available in flex back blades which resist fatigue well, and the hard back blades which cut straighter and accept heavier feed pressure. Affordable blades make for more affordable cuts.

Metal Cutting Saws by MK Morse

Of course, if we rave about the blades MK Morse makes, why wouldn’t we sell the saws to go with them? And if the metal blade experts also manufacture metal cutting saws, why wouldn’t you want one?

From the Metal Devil line, MC Tool & Safety brings you the metal cutting circular saw and metal cutting chop saw from MK Morse Company. These are the highest quality crafted by MK Morse for a safer, cleaner way to make smooth, efficient metal cuts. Blade guards help keep fingers where they belong because when it comes to saw blade safety, MK Morse doesn’t mess around.

Really, MK Morse doesn’t mess around with saws and blades at all. They produce high-quality blades you’ll love because they last longer and they get the job done quicker, easier.

To make an order of MK Morse blades and saws, contact the MC Tool & Safety team today. You can reach us by calling 763-786-5350.