When you work with pipe, you know the name Reed Manufacturing Company, and you trust them with your pipe tools. Well, that’s why they are a brand that we at MC Tool & Safety are proud to offer as your industrial equipment supplier. We work to bring you the brands and tools you trust as an industry expert.

The Reed Manufacturing Standard

Reed is an expert, too. After all, with over 120 years in the business of tool manufacturing for the trades, Reed has stood the test of time, and it shows. Since their beginning, before the turn of the 20th century, this company has been innovating and inventing tools that have become the industry standard. Who better to buy tools from than the company that’s been paving the way for the industry for more than a century? It’s not only time but commitment to the customer and to quality that’s made Reed a name you know. And that’s right in line with our values at MC Tool & Safety.

Types of Pipe Tools by Reed Manufacturing Sold at McClellan

  • Hinged Cutters
  • Pipe Cutters
  • Cutter Wheels
  • Vises

Hinged Cutters by Reed

When you’re ready to make the cut, you don’t want to mess around with low-quality cutting equipment, which is why you’re shopping for Reed. The team at MC Tool & Safety knows this, and we know their hinged cutters. We have a range of hinged cutters for a range of pipe diameters. Choose from hinged cutters for 2 to 4 inch, 4 to 6 inch, 6 to 8 inch, or 8 to 12 inch, depending on your needs.

Reed brings you the only pipe cutters that track every time and are recommended for a variety of materials, including ductile iron, steel, and stainless steel to Schedule 100. Their design with a 360° frame helps channel all the force into the cut and helps you maximize your work’s efficiency.

Pipe Cutters by Reed

Standard pipe cutters ought to be purchased from the brand that helped set the standard, Reed Manufacturing. We not only carry hinged cutters but the standard pipe cutters and cutters with guides. These cutters use thin wheels made of high-quality tool steel which helps make quicker, easier cuts. Ideal for threading jobs, Reed pipe cutters leave no burrs. Their rollers help make square cuts and work on steel, stainless steel, or cast iron pipe, depending on which cutter wheels are in use.

Cutter Wheels

Of course, MC Tool & Safety also carries Reed Manufacturing’s cutter wheels for outfitting your hinged cutters and pipe cutters. Cutter wheels are available for all the cutters we carry, and we can source additional replacement sizes through Reed for hinged and other pipe cutters not purchased through us. Reed Manufacturing cutter wheels are high-quality, long-lasting and strong to make the cut quickly, time and time again. Reed wheels are made to work on a variety of pipe materials.

Vises by Reed

We can set you up with vises for every job imaginable because of course Reed Manufacturing makes vises for everything! Depending on the size of the pipe you’re working with, or the type of material, Reed has thought of it all, and they’ve got it all. Whatever your need, select from tripods, pipe jacks, chain vises, field pipe vises, yoke, utility workshop, midline, and combination vises, as well as pipe welding vises.

Whatever duty you’re looking to trust to a Reed Manufacturing tool, we can help you get your hands on it at MC Tool & Safety. Our team will help you with all your pipe tool needs, from vises to pipe cutting tools, and more. Contact us today to get started placing an order. You can reach us by calling 763-786-5350.