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Peerless Chain manufactures Grade 70 Transport Chain. G70 chain is high quality, high strength carbon steel chain, heat treated and used for load securement in yellow chromate color. Grade 70 Chain is the chain of choice for load binding applications. It is also well suited for tie-downs, towing and logging operations. Its strength to weight ratio exceeds that of Proof Coil and High Test chain.

Grade 70 Cargo Chain for sale in 1/4 grade 70 chain, 5/16 grade 70 chain, 3/8 grade 70 chain, 1/2 grade 70 chain, and 5/8 grade 70 chain. Domestic G70 transport chain is available in 7, 8, 10, 13 and 16 feet. Bulk transport chain for sale in drum, half drum, and 4 or 5 Gallon Square Pail.

Tie-Down Chain and Load Binder Specifications. This chart on this page is a guide to meet the basic minimum current in-service requirements in accordance with the FMCSA and the DOT for G70 transport chain. This table also lists the minimum number of chain assemblies required to secure a load per DOT, CVSA and CCMTA. G70 binder chain is NOT TO BE USED FOR for OVERHEAD LIFTING.

Calculating the feet of the domestic Grade 70 transport chain (NACM) depends on the cargo length, cargo weight and cargo type. The sum of the working load limits from all Tie-Downs must be at least 50% of the weight of the cargo. DO NOT EXCEED CAPACITY! See the SAFETY GUIDELINES section before using these products. G70 binder chain is NOT TO BE USED FOR OVERHEAD LIFTING.

Grade 70 Cargo Chain is used in the following industries: Agriculture & Forestry, Construction, Bridge Builders, Highway and Street, Military, Transportation & Utilities - Power, Water, Sewer & Pipe.

Stamped With Working Load Limit

Permanently marked, every ten links are stamped with the chain's Working Load Limit and its grade. No need to keep track of any tags with this chain.

Strength to Weight Ratio

This transport chain's strength to weight ratio exceeds that of Proof Coil and High Test. Made from heat treated carbon strength steel - heat treating is associated with increasing steel strength with improves product performance.

Made in the USA

Made in USA, this high quality transport chain is considered the leading choice for load binding applications.


  • Brand: Peerless
  • Product Type: Transport Chain
  • Material: Carbon and alloy materials
  • Finish: Yellow Chromate
  • Heat Treatment: Induction heat treated
  • Package Type: Half Drum
  • Trade Size: 3/8"
  • Wire Diameter: 0.392"
  • Grade: 70
  • Inside Dimeter Length: 1.370"
  • Inside Width: 0.572
  • Ft. Per Package: 200
  • Weight: 272 lbs
  • Working Load Limit: 6600 lbs
  • Standards: Meets department of transportation regulations
  • Application: Load binding, tie-downs, towing, and logging operations

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