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Product Description

Instrument management system for the BW Clip, bringing a new level of customization to maintenance-free gas detection. Combining smart docking modules and Fleet Manager II software, the system helps drive productivity, reliability and efficiency, while configuring BW Clip detectors to meet changing requirements.


  • One IntelliDoX module with a factory-installed nest for a compatible portable gas detector, a Single-Inlet Key or Multi-Inlet Key (Honeywell BW Ultra module only), and an attached End Plate
  • Integrated retractable stand/wall mount


  • Brand: Honeywell
  • Product Type: Enabler Kit for Intellidox
  • Works with: DX-MCLP, DX-BWC4, DX-CLIP


  • Power supply with region-specific AC power cord
  • Ethernet cable
  • Inlet (purge) filter assembly
  • 3 ft. / 1 m calibration gas tubing
  • 3 ft. / 1 m purge gas tubing
  • 15 ft. / 4.5 m exhaust tubing
  • Quick connect fittings

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