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Water Valve with the Gardena hose quick connection OEM Shibuya parts keep your core drill running like new.


  • OEM shibuya replacement parts
  • Replaces the water valve and hose quick connect
  • Fits all shibuya core drill rigs


  • Brand: Diteq
  • Product Type: Water Valve
  • Unboxed Weight: 0.2 lb
  • Select Model: Shibuya TS-092 R-1011 R-1012, Shibuya TS-095 H-1011, Shibuya HH-1531, Shibuya RH-1531, Shibuya RH-1532, Shibuya TS-132 R-1511 1-Speed, Shibuya TS-162 R-1521 2-Speed, Shibuya TS-165 H1511 1-Speed, Shibuya TS-165 H1521 2-Speed, Shibuya TS-252 R-1721, Shibuya TS-252PRO R-2021, Shibuya TS-255PRO H-2021, Shibuya TS-353 R-2031, Shibuya TS-402 R-2221, Shibuya TS-403 R-2231, Shibuya TS-405PRO H-2231, Shibuya TS-503 R-2231, Shibuya TS-603 R-2531, Shibuya TS-605 HAWG H-2531

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