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With increased environmental regulations its been costly and difficult to dispose of concrete slurry properly the fines incurred if not properly disposed of are extremely high. That’s now history with the introduction of DITEQ’s slurry disposal program. With two simple steps, you can convert concrete slurry to a gelled, non-flowable solid.

Step 1 - Separate the Water from the Solids Concrete Flocking Agent - CFA Mix 2-oz of the CFA with each 10 gallons of concrete slurry Agitate the slurry solution to begin the separation process. Allow water to begin to separate from the solids and agitate again. Repeat this process to maximize the separation process. Allow approximately two minutes to complete the separation process. After the water and the slurry solids have separated, drain the water from the solids. This water can be treated for PH balance if standard CFA was used. A CFA with PH Balance is available.

Step 2 - Gel the Remaining SolidsConcrete Gelling Agent - CGA Mix 2-oz of the CGA with each 1gallon of concrete slurry. Mix 2-oz of the CGA with the remaining slurry solids and mix thoroughly to allow the product to begin the absorption process. This product encapsulates the water and slurry into a non-flowing solid gel-like substance in approximately two minutes. This process has passed the paint filter test (EPA 9095) whereby the substance is held in a paint filter for at least five minutes without any of the gel leaking through. CGA is super absorbant and is capable of absorbing up to 250 times its weight in water with less than 1% swell. This product is non-biodegradable and non-exothermic.


  • EPA 9095 slurry disposal
  • Environmentally friendly solutions
  • Concrete slurry collection and disposal
  • Reduce waste disposal costs
  • Passes the paint filter test
  • QS-Quick solidification


  • Brand: Diteq
  • Product Type: Gelling Agent
  • Chemical Use: CGA concrete gelling agent
  • Container Size: 50 lbs bag




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