This professional power tool solutions company strives to manufacture products that will continue to perform even in the harshest conditions. Over time, they’ve developed not only high-quality products but a trusted name worldwide – after all, they’ve been in the business since the business began! In fact, their name comes from the invention of the first ever hand-held drill in 1923.

Fast-forward, Metabo has put that experience to good use making products that are trusted to work as hard as the user, all across the world. They have over 700 patents and registered designs to their name, so you know when you go with a Metabo power tool, you’re getting quality that’s proven itself time and again.

What Are Metabo’s Particular Areas of Focus?

  • Metalworking and Industry
  • Building Trade and Renovation

Metalworking and Industry

Due to their own experience in metalwork, metal processing, and industrial maintenance, Metabo has designed tools to serve the professionals who work with drilling, screwdriving, cutting, grinding, and sawing. Applications may include mechanical engineering, shipyard construction, raw materials, energy generation, transportation, refining, wind energy, special vehicle construction, pipeline construction, and electrical power plants. Metabo has crafted tools to help professionals in the areas of productivity, robustness, and safety. And you can get their tools through your team at MC Tool & Safety.

Building Trade and Renovation

The other half Metabo also keeps in mind when producing their tools, because they make up a significant portion of the world’s tool users. For professionals who work in building and renovation in the areas of woodworking, roofing, framing, walls and facades, drywall, installation and flooring, Metabo has every tool you could need for any application. Whether your crew needs tools for sawing, cutting, grinding, drilling, dustless concrete cutting, or surface preparation, Metabo does it all.

Tools Manufactured by Industry Leader Metabo

  • Cutting, Sanding, and Milling Tools
  • Drilling, Screwing, Chiselling, and
  • Stirring Tools
  • Saws
  • Cordless Tools
  • Semi-Stationary Tools
  • Vacuums and Extraction
  • Battery Pack Systems

The Difference in Metabo Tools

As if the legacy of the invention of the first ever hand-held drill isn’t enough proof Metabo knows what they’re doing, their commitment to providing quality tools that improve productivity of users shows in their product. They are constantly innovating to engineer their tools with a long list of intentional features specific to all their products. Each feature is meant to increase productivity, bolster safety, and make a tool that stands the test of time and hard work, helping boost your overall efficiency. Better efficiency, safety, and productivity lead to increased profits – that’s the kind of benefits you want to see from your tools!

Metabo Power Tool Solutions from MC Tool & Safety

Whatever your specific trade, you probably already know that Metabo is a name you can trust for a high-quality, high-performance power tool. And whatever your tool needs might be, MC Tool & Safety can help you get a hold of it and get the job done! Give us a call at 763-786-5350 to get started placing an order today.