When you’re looking for tool storage solutions, you know that JOBOX is a name you can trust to make a product that lasts. Give your crew a safe place to securely store their tools without having to haul them to and from the job site every day. Outfit your trucks with heavy duty storage boxes the creatively fit in, leaving room for other materials in the bed.

Of course, when MC Tool & Safety is your tool distributor, we can also help you find the premium storage products you need to house and protect your tools. If the products you use on a regular basis are made to last through the wear and tear, give them a storage place that helps extend their life and keep them protected from theft when you’re not on-site.

JOBOX Quality

JOBOX put quality tool storage on the map and set the bar in the industry as early as 1961, which is why you know you can trust them for high-quality tool storage made to last and protect. Storage products from JOBOX are made with quality in mind and you can expect a few things from them:

  • Security
  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Portability
  • Organization

Storage Solutions by JOBOX

JOBOX has been making storage boxes for tools and industrial supplies since the beginning. They have been innovating from the get-go, and have generated specialized storage in the following concentrations:

  • On-Site Storage
  • Truck Storage
  • Safety Storage

On-Site Storage

When you’re working a job at the same location for days, weeks, or even likely month’s, high quality, durable tool storage is crucial to the success of your work. Your crew won’t have to haul their trusted tools home and back every day, but also won’t have to worry about their safety. Protect everyone’s tools from theft and the elements with anyone of a huge array of on-site storage options from JOBOX. For construction to auto mechanics and every industry between, solid and innovative storage boxes from JOBOX are a must-have.

A Huge Selection of Truck Storage Options

With JOBOX available to you through MC Tool & Safety, you’ll never be short of great tool storage add-ons for your company pickups. There are a huge variety of options available from Jobox, so storage can be perfectly fit to the bed or under bed of your trucks! For a flatbed truck, don’t take up premium space made for hauling, instead create premium space for storage with under bed boxes.

In a regular pickup bed, you can still optimize your options with topside storage boxes that rest on the sides of your truck bed, up and out of the way. If you’re looking for a classic, we also have in-bed storage boxes both inset and crossover with a T-shape that rests on the sides. All options are available in steel and aluminum, and a variety of colors. Call the MC Tool & Safety team today to find the right option for your crew and their trucks.

Safety Storage

Many chemicals are not the kind of thing you want to mess around with, which means storing them is serious business, too – a business JOBOX is in. As a tool distributor, we at MC Tool & Safety know the importance of keeping containers of gas and other hazardous liquids safely stored when not in use. JOBOX makes flammable liquid storage boxes that are fully compliant and fully tested by both OSHA and NFPA. Keep an already bad situation from getting worse with a JOBOX flammable liquid storage box.

Trust Your Storage Needs to JOBOX

JOBOX provides so many options for tool and supply storage we couldn’t possibly tell you about all of them, but we can help you find the right solutions for you. Call the MC Tool & Safety team today to speak with our tool experts about which JOBOX storage solutions will meet your needs. You can reach us at 763-786-5350.