Honeywell brings you a specialty brand in BW Technologies which focuses on gas monitoring equipment. With such a specialized trade and high levels of hazard, it is important to have top-of-the-line, specialized equipment that is up to the task! With the help of Honeywell’s BW Technologies, MC Tool & Safety can give you just that! We will work with you to devise the gas monitoring equipment that will serve your team best.

Whether working in boiler rooms, sewers, underground utility vaults, post-fire sites, industrial plants, industrial hygiene, on remote fleets, or on first-responder crews, BW Technologies by Honeywell has portable gas detection you need to do your job and stay safe.

Portable Gas Detection Systems

You could be working in any number of environments in which having quality, trusted portable gas detection equipment is crucial to your safety as well as the safety of others. BW Technologies has something for detecting virtually any type of gas. Their products are great for confined space gas monitoring, spot leak testing, and mobile use. This type of equipment is great for first-responders at a post-fire site, workers at industrial plants, and many more environments. Whatever the risks are in your typical working environment, there is a type of equipment for helping detect any hazardous gases present.


Gas monitoring from BW Technologies provides you with peace of mind because of their many functional features. You can purchase Honeywell’s calibration dock system for calibrating your gas monitors and detectors. Some monitors come with a replaceable battery that will last a year or more. Monitors may have features such as a vibrating alert for use in loud spaces. Monitors are available in both single gas and multi-gas detection, depending on what suits your team and their environment, BW Technologies has the right detection tool for you!

Honeywell has made a variety of gas monitoring technologies available through BW Technologies. For whatever your company’s need, MC Tool & Safety can assist you in finding just the right equipment for the job. Contact us today to get started with your order. Call 763-786-5350 to get in touch with a member of our team.