Tested, trusted, true – that’s what you get with Ames True Temper equipment. Those are words we love as an industrial equipment supplier! We are proud to bring you a brand of lawn and garden tools we know you can trust on the job because it’s stood the true test of real wear and tear. When you rely on your tools to get the job done every day to the best of your ability, it’s important that you can use them to their fullest potential without constantly replacing them. And that’s where MC Tool & Safety comes in. We’ll help you find the highest quality tools for your trade. Landscapers and builders alike know that Ames is a name to trust when it comes to reliable tools and equipment.

Whether you are a smaller business or a large contractor, you need tools that are sure to last from one job to the next, for years to come. And just like MC Tool & Safety, Ames strives to give you the right tool for the job, which is why we’re happy to help you find the right True Temper tool for you!

What Types of Ames True Temper Equipment Does MC Tool & Safety Supply?

  • Shovels and Scoops
  • Rakes and Forks
  • Post-Hole Diggers
  • Hand Tools
  • Wheelbarrows


Shovels and Scoops

We work with small landscapers, and huge construction companies alike, finding the right shovels and scoops for their respective jobs! Digging out space to plant trees and shrubs? We’ve got the True Temper digging shovel you need. Adjusting the grading around a foundation? One of the Ames transfer shovels ought to do the job just fine! And for something a little easier on the arms, our lighter weight aluminum and poly scoops are sure to serve you well. Whatever your digging needs, large or small, trust them to the Ames family of tools. We’ve got them in spades – literally.

 Rakes and Forks by Ames

From cleaning up after yourself on a landscaping touch-up, to shoveling, well, we have Ames True Temper rakes and forks for every type of work imaginable. Move and spread loose materials with bedding forks. Spread manure with a fork made just for that pungent task. Standard leaf rakes made of either steel or poly, as well as heftier gardening rakes and specialty rakes, are available for yard maintenance or upgrades. Whatever your rake or fork needs, we make a variety of trusted Ames products available to you at MC Tool & Safety.

 Post-Hole Diggers

One reason fence builders love Ames, Jackson, and True Temper is their high-quality, post-hole diggers. When it’s time to dig holes for fence posts, in ground supports, and footings, you know you need a specialty tool you can rely on. Options both with wooden or fiberglass handles, these Ames tools help you dig holes with precision and ease.

Hand Tools by True Temper

Ames, Jackson, and True Temper provide hand tools for every gardening and landscaping task you can think of. As a landscaper, you probably know just how important each tool is to the success of your job, and we do too! Whatever you and your crew need, Ames is sure to have the right tool for the job, and the MC Tool & Safety team can find it for you. Hand trowels for planting and transplanting, as well as hand transplanters. Hand cultivators to help you get rid of the stuff you don’t want and ready the soil for what you do. Enjoy the help of a handy bulb planter and a variety of other specialty tools by True Temper.

Wheelbarrows by Jackson

With the hauling you do in your day to day, having a quality wheelbarrow that can keep up and will last is crucial. We can supply you with a Jackson wheelbarrow, made by the same company as True Temper and Ames tools. You name the size and material, we’ll help you find what you need.

For these and more reliable tools you can count on, order Ames, Jackson, and True Temper tools from our team at MC Tool & Safety! We’ll make sure you’re getting the right tool for job, at the right price. Contact us today by calling 763-786-5350.