Respirator Fit & Size Tests

Your team’s safety and health are easily some of your greatest concerns which is why we are committed to helping you find the respiratory and safety equipment necessary to do their jobs. At MC Tool & Safety, we sell qualitative fit test kits from 3M for your company to conduct their own tests.

A secure fit is essential when it comes to respiratory equipment offering its full safety potential. That’s why our team of experts are knowledgeable of resources for your company to conduct their own qualitative tests, and several occupational health care centers and local safety consultant services are able to conduct fit and size tests for your team, too.

Why Fit Testing?
Not every respirator is created equal, and neither is every face the same. It is an incredibly important OSHA standard that a mask is fitted and tested to verify it functions properly to do its job. No one wants to encounter dangerous vapors and gases without equipment necessary to protect their lungs. Some masks which are made to protect against specific substances may require a perfect seal around the wearer’s face.

What is Fit Testing?

In a fit testing, a full or partial covering facial respirator is applied to an individual, and it is put to the test against the elements.

There are two types of the respirator fit test: Qualitative and Quantitative. Qualitative tests are subjective and rely on the user to recognize a sweet or sour smell depending upon the test you choose, and this test is a simple pass/fail. Quantitative tests use a machine to give you a precise number of particles that the user is exposed to, giving you more information than pass or fail. 

At McClellan Sales, Inc., we currently offer qualitative fit testing, and we sell qualitative fit test kits from 3M for your company to conduct their own tests. To print a copy of a fit test record from 3M click here.

Other great resources for fit testing include several occupational health care centers and local safety consultant services. The test can be done at the same time as a DOT physical at many locations.

For more information or questions on fit testing reach out to our team at MC Tool & Safety.

OSHA Requirements
For workers who wear respirators every day, being fit-tested is a requirement and should be completed every 12 months. It’s important that the test is completed with any additional equipment a laborer wears such as ear muffs, safety glasses or prescription glasses. They also must be tested wearing the specific make, model, style, and size of respirator that they will wear regularly. To get the right size and style of respirator contact our team today, we are here to help.

Beyond Testing
The team at MC Tool & Safety is dedicated to serving our customers well and finding the products they need. So our idea of service and sales involve more than just getting a product in your hands. We know our products well, and we know the challenges many tradespeople experience on the job. Our expertise is for your benefit as we find the respirators that are not only fit to your workers but their type of work and possible hazards. We consider it our job to know what you need and help you find it at the right price, in the right size.

To find your crew the best respirators and to learn how to get them fitted – contact our team today! Give us a call at 763-786-5350.

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