We are here to serve our clients at MC Tool & Safety, so we value your input. To leave a review of your experience working with us, there are several options both of which require a login.

To leave a review with Google, you’ll need to log in using a Gmail or Google account. When you search our company name in Google, our name will come up, and below our contact info you’ll see “Write a Review.” Here you can share about your experience, as well as give us a rating to help other customers.

To leave a review on Facebook, you will also need to be logged into a Facebook account. When you use the Facebook search bar to find our page, you’ll see a section titled “Reviews.” Once you click on the star-rating you’d like to give us, a window will open allowing you to add a comment to your rating.

We love to know what you love about working with us as well as where you think we could improve, so we look forward to your thoughts on the MC Tool & Safety customer experience.

Wow, great research! Thanks for the detailed response.

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