Pureflo ESM PAPR Respirator Helmet

Gentex Interactive Safety Products

Powered Air Purifying Respirator Helmet


Head mounted complete self contained PAPR with no trailing leads or hoses. Built in electronic system management light bar and audible alarm monitors airflow to alert the wearer of low flow, low battery or filter change. Unique air circulator system creates a smooth continuous flow of air. Draws air from surrounding environment through filter loated at rear of helmet. Delivers air at 7.6 CFM into breathing zone. Manually activated booster switch increases airflow to 8.2 CFM or 230 Liters/Min to meet demands of hotter and more extreme working conditions. Choice of HEPA filter or combination Hydrogen Flouride and Hydrogen Chloride filter. Both remove 99.97% of liquid or solid based contaminants and effective for removal of nuisance odors from organic vapors. Adjustable flame retardant neck cape, when sealed, creates self contained positive pressure environment providing additional protection to the lower face and neck area. Wide Vision face shield manufactured from high impact resistant polycarbonate with anti-mist, anti-scratch coating. Seals securely against helmet's frame and provides protection against impact and splashes. Quick release headband for easy cleaning.


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