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Mega Hippo Mixing Station

CS Unitec Power Tools

Portable Mixing Station with Dust Collection and Lid


Mix compounds such as cement screeds, overlay, underlay, textured coatings, sealants, adhesives, epoxies, resins, pre-tinted material and other self-leveling compounds. Ideal for consecutive batch mixing without downtime, as well as mixing in bulk and dispensing into small containers. The "Easy-roll Trolley" and the balanced "Easy-tilt Cradle" let you pour and spread material at the same time. Multi-stage pours to achieve a thicker screed are often not necessary. Wheel covers ensure that the casters remain free of screed splatter. Mix, transport and pour directly onto the floor with one operator. Full-brim capacity of 23 gallons, 350 lbs. or 6-bag batches.


Features Include...

  • Integrated canister lid to prevent splatter and dust extraction port
  • Collect dust when connected to dust extraction vacuum
  • Specially shaped mixing bowl eliminates pockets of unmixed product and allows for easy cleaning
  • Create a cleaner, safer work environment- comply with OSHA regulations in addition to personal PPE
  • 9" diameter paddles with helix ribbon and side bars lift/shear product quickly to produce excellent consistency and thorough mixing of colors/additives
  • Ideal for polymer self-leveling products and engineered concrete
  • Resilient, pliable liner is easily cleaned; alternating liners prevents cross contamination
  • Can be used without lid to mix non-dust-generating products such as cementitious urethene, epoxy self-levelers and slurries
  • Boost productivity, lower labor costs and reduce physical effort


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Power 15 AMP / 110 V*
2-Speeds 140 & 470 RPM
Bucket Capacity 23 gallons
Weight 109 lbs
* 220 Volt available

Standard Equipment includes:

Mixing motor, bucket, removable liner and 2 paddles: TW225 for half batches (2-3 bags) and TW225D for full batches (5-6 bags)

Bowl Capacity:

6 x 50 lbs. mix + water (23 gal./350 lbs.)

6 x 22 kg mix + water (86 liters/160 kg)

Tilting Cradle:

Balanced for easy operation


Helix Ribbon Paddles for Thorough Mixing

The MEGA HIPPO® is supplied with two 9" dia. mixing paddles:

The 9" wide helix and side bars lift and shear the product quickly and efficiently to produce an excellent mix consistency and thorough mixing of colors and additives. The paddle's large 9" diameter provides increased peripheral speed which eliminates the need for high-RPM mixing and helps to prevent flash curing.

Order No. TW225 – for half batches (2-3 bags); 9" dia. x 27" long. For plasters, concrete, mortars, resins and tile adhesives. 8" long helix and side bars.

Order No. TW225D – for full batches (5-6 bags); 9" dia. x 27" long. For self-leveling compounds, screeds, paints, plasters and epoxy. 15" long helix and side bars.


MEGA HIPPO Liner - PH705 - Removable Liner for MEGA HIPPO

Save time and extend bucket life with a removable liner!

Multiple Batch Mixing with Removable Liner

Mixing multiple batches is easier and faster with the new removable liner and rimless bucket system.

  • Mix consecutive batches without downtime
  • Resilient, pliable liner is easily cleaned
  • Alternating liners prevents cross contamination
  • Extends life of bucket

After mixing the first batch, the liner can be removed and cleaned. To speed up production, a second liner can be used while the first liner is being cleaned. The use of a liner also helps to prevent cross contamination and minimizes wear to the HIPPO bucket, extending its life.


Order No. Description
PH705 Removable liner for PMH 80 Hippo Mixing Station




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