Calibration Gas 34 Liter 4-Gas Mixture

Mixture Components and Concentrations

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 25 ppm

Carbon Monoxide (CO) 100 ppm

Methane (LEL) 2.50 % (50 % L.E.L.)

Oxygen (O2) 18.0 %

Nitrogen (NO)  Balance


This bottle's mixture is used in conjunction with a 0.5 lpm regulator to bump test and calibrate BW Honeywell Analytics monitors. These are the factory set calibration levels on monitors like the Microclip XT, XL and X3. As well as the pump version Max XT II and the 2 year disposible 4 gas CLIP4. These bottles are good for 2 years from the manufacturers date. This bottles is a 34 liters-2 cubic ft -500 psig. with an accuracy of +/- 5 %.

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