Honeywell is a respected name among the trades. They are always striving to make the world better by building smarter, safer, and more sustainable. When it comes to industrial supply at MC Tool & Safety, we primarily direct customers to Honeywell’s safety equipment. Naturally, as a big name in manufacturing and innovative technologies, Honeywell carries safety equipment for a wide variety of specialties.

Specific Tradespeople Protected by Honeywell Products:

  • Electrical Workers
  • First-Responders
  • Welders

Salisbury by Honeywell for Electrical Workers
Entrust your journeymen and other electrical workers to Honeywell’s Salisbury line of electrical safety products. These products are specifically designed with the hazards of this job in mind and meet both OSHA and ASTM regulations. Safety equipment by Salisbury varies from personal protection such as insulated rubber gloves and other tools to a special line of arc flash protective wear. Everything someone who works around and with electricity could need for PPE as well as tools of the trade.

PPE by Honeywell for First-Responders
First-responders have one of the toughest jobs out there, so it’s vital to protect them and their bodies so that they can keep saving lives. Honeywell’s personal protection equipment or PPE, ranges from jackets, helmets, gloves, hoods, and boots, to harness systems and respiratory equipment. Keep your crew covered and safe head-to-toe with Honeywell’s top quality gear. They not only designed it with firefighters in mind, but they took input from real firefighters to innovate in the creation of their products. Face danger with confidence in your protective wear from Honeywell.

Fibre-Metal by Honeywell for Welders and Other Tradespeople
It’s probably safe to trust the inventor of the welding helmet with your welding safety equipment, and that’s what you’ll do when you purchase Honeywell’s Fibre-Metal equipment from MC Tool & Safety. This particular Honeywell company was a pioneer in inventing protective wear specially designed for welding safety, and they haven’t stopped since. Now Fibre-Metal brings you high-quality, high-performance hat and cap products made especially for protecting workers in the trades. They primarily focus on head protection in the form of hard hats, hard hat accessories and replacement parts, and caps. Of course, the safety equipment by Honeywell available through MC Tool & Safety doesn’t stop there.

More Safety Equipment From Honeywell

  • Eye and Face Protection
  • Hand Protection
  • Hearing Protection
  • Footwear

Eye and Face Protection by Honeywell
Honeywell knows that protecting the face and eyes shouldn’t be an uncomfortable experience that hinders a worker’s performance. They’ve worked to create innovative technology that allows workers to be safe and do their job well. Their products vary from eyewash systems to face shields and goggles, covering all your face and eye safety needs.

Hand Protection by Honeywell
When you work in a trade, your hands are constantly in use and often in some risky positions which is why hand protection is vital! Through MC Tool & Safety, you can select just the right gloves for the job with features tailor-made for your industry. Safety, comfort, and utility are priorities to Honeywell when crafting their personal protection equipment such as handwear for protection against chemicals, cuts, abrasions, and extreme temperatures.

Hearing Protection by Honeywell
MC Tool & Safety is proud to offer you the highest quality in hearing protection by Howard Leight, a Honeywell brand. It’s the hearing protection your employees deserve! A range of styles for a range of uses, from earmuffs to earplugs, Howard Leight hearing protection is the top-notch quality you want for your workers. Single use, to reusable, to wireless Bluetooth connectivity, Honeywell has thought of everything.

Footwear by Honeywell
When you work in the trades, you’re often on your feet most of the day, and there are hazards all around. Thankfully, the MC Tool & Safety team can outfit your team with footwear from Honeywell safety products. Choose from a selection of boots and shoes that are slip-resistant, impact protected, puncture protected, and water-resistant or waterproof. No matter your specific role or the type of environment you work in, Honeywell is sure to have the right footwear protection for you.

Honeywell is more than just a name you know. It’s one you can trust with your personal protection equipment from head to toe. The team at MC Tool & Safety will help outfit your team with everything they need to get the job done safely every day. Contact us by calling 763-786-5350 to get started with your order today!

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