For keeping your crew or team safe at all heights, the right fall protection equipment from FallTech is an absolute must. Ultimately, you know FallTech is a brand you can trust with your safety harnesses and fall protection gear because it’s all they do, so they do it well. You can trust them with your life, quite literally.

Why Buy From MC Tool & Safety?
Whether you are protecting a small team or a large one, you’ll enjoy working with our team at MC Tool & Safety because we’re not just here to sell you fall equipment. It’s our pride and joy to ensure that we land you safely with the right product, at the right price, that you know how to use the right way. Teaching you how to use the equipment you purchase from us is almost as important as the equipment itself. We’re not just here to push a product, but really make sure you’re getting the right tool for the job.

What Kind of Fall Protection Do We Offer From FallTech?
FallTech doesn’t mess around, they have focused in on their specialty to give you all kinds of fall protection your life can depend on.

  • Bodywear
  • Anchorage
  • Connectors
  • Devices
  • Kits

FallTech Bodywear
One of the most important pieces of this crucial type of safety equipment is the kind workers wear. Getting products engineered by fall protection experts is half the battle, the other half is being educated on how to use the bodywear properly. That’s where MC Tool & Safety comes in on both accounts. We can both find you the wear you need for your team’s safety and teach you how to use it to ensure their proper use of it, too. FallTech provides an incredible selection of harnesses and belts, even designing some products specific to particular industries! Whatever your trade and whatever height you reach, FallTech is sure to provide something you can wear as if your life depended on it.

Anchorage by FallTech
The other most important component of fall safety, aside from the harnesses, is the anchorage. Of course, FallTech didn’t stop at harnesses! They have solutions for every type of craft and surface material. Whether you’re working on steel, concrete, wood, or another substance, FallTech has anchor systems suited to your job and industry. Pair your anchoring system with FallTech’s bodywear for the full level of safety you can rely on.

FallTech Connectors
Sure, lanyards and carabiners might be household terms, but that doesn’t mean they’re equipment you can get just anywhere. These connectors are the type of thing you need to get from a safety expert in fall protection like FallTech. When we outfit you and your crew with harnesses and anchorage, we will ensure that you have the shock-absorbing, positioning, and restraint lanyards you need along with quality, durable carabiners meant for real protection.

Special Devices
There are some scenarios and spaces that the standard equipment just won’t do the job, but FallTech has solutions for these, too. Whether you need something for shorter fall distances or longer ones, creative anchorage and emergency scenarios, they’ve thought of everything. Get prepared with everything FallTech has to offer when purchasing with MC Tool & Safety. We’ll help you determine which equipment benefits your team depending on the industry.

FallTech Fall Protection Kits
When it comes to protecting you from a fall, they’ve thought of it all. FallTech provides kits that combine everything you need into one, making it easier to ensure you have all the right equipment. These can be a great option for small teams, or to outfit each member of a crew with their own full set of fall protection gear, from the harness right down to lanyards and carabiners.

The difference is, at MC Tool & Safety, we’re not just here to sell you equipment, we care about the protection of workers’ lives! We’re knowledgeable in how to use the equipment we sell, and what equipment is suited for what line of work. We’ll work with you to find the right equipment, at the right price, from the right fall protection experts at FallTech.

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