What’s not to love about personal protection equipment produced by a company who uses the word “tenacious” in their slogan? We don’t know because we love Ergodyne safety equipment! Ergodyne is the manufacturer of a huge selection of PPE and can outfit you and your crew, no matter what line of work you’re in. They’ve got something to keep you covered for every type of role! And McClellan can help you get it.

Ergodyne has so many products, and it’s hard to know where to start. Ergodyne is driven by a goal of zero personal injuries on the job, so they craft their products with care. This is another line that passes along the education to match their product’s level of protection, so the MC Tool & Safety team can help you learn how to use it properly. We know that getting a supply of personal protection equipment is half the battle, learning how to use it the right way is the other half.

Ergodyne Products We Love

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Warming and Cooling Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment by Ergodyne
For PPE that works fiercely to keep you safe, look no further than Ergodyne. From sturdy work gloves to protective eyewear, to head protection, and everything in between – Ergodyne really has thought of it all. Whether you’re in need of vibration-dampening gloves to make your grip better, kneeling and knee pads to keep your joints healthy, or support for your back, wrists, or otherwise to reduce injury risk, MC Tool & Safety has the hookup. Ergodyne also has a huge variety of Hi-Vis apparel, perfect for outfitting your whole crew so no one goes unseen. Protect their eyes while you’re at it with safety glasses fit for indoor and outdoor job sites.

Warming and Cooling Gear
Whether working on a commercial or residential construction crew, as an electrician, as a mechanic, or in any number of trades, the weather can take its toll on laborers. In bitter winter, or the sweltering summer sun, the work’s got to get done, and you’ve got to provide workers with protection for their skin from the elements.

For workers who spend much or all of their time outdoors, winter can be brutal, especially in the Midwest. When you don’t want to bulk up with layers that make every move uncomfortable, prep for the winter with warming gear and heated clothing from Ergodyne. That’s right – built in heat powered by Lithium Ion batteries will make Ergodyne your new best friend. Don’t mess with layering up when you can enjoy heated clothing and accessories. Start with the right base-wear, from long johns and long sleeves, use Ergodyne’s thermal base layers.

On the other end of the spectrum are those hot Midwestern summer days. You can start early, and still, that noonday sun will beat down making you long for winter’s chill. Best to dress appropriately in gear designed for helping wick moisture and keep you cool and protected from the sun’s harsh rays. Ergodyne also has a line of products specifically for phase change, heat-resistant wear for those who encounter extreme heat on the job regardless of the weather. You can even stay hydrated throughout the day with wearable, hands-free hydration gear by Ergodyne! Drinking water throughout a hot day on your feet is key to surviving the rigors of your job. Ergodyne is here to help!

Everything You Need From MC Tool & Safety
As you can see, there is a huge variety of great utility wear from Ergodyne to help laborers do what they do best. For options to meet every safety and personal protection equipment need your workers have, contact the MC Tool & Safety team today.

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