Diteq might not exactly be a household manufacturing name, but if you work with core drilling products or with saws in a role as first-responder, you know their worth. This is a brand MC Tool & Safety is proud to carry for a high-quality product our customers can rely on. Diteq diamond tools and equipment are used to cut through and drill into a diverse range of materials. Diteq are the experts in high-quality yet affordable diamond drilling equipment.

MC Tool & Safety carries a selection of diamond drilling equipment from Diteq.

Core Drilling Products by Diteq

  • Wet Concrete Core Bits
  • Wet/Dry Core Bits
  • Dry Core Bits
  • Asphalt and Concrete Bits
  • Stone Core Bits
  • Adapters and Extensions
  • Blades

Wet Use Concrete Core Bits
Diteq has crafted high-quality diamond concrete drilling products to be made available to you at a low-cost. This is because they combine a high concentration of their quality diamonds with a mixture of metals, resulting in a first-rate core drill with an affordable price. Built with additional vibration resistance to ensure faster drilling and longer bit life.

Wet/Dry Use Core Bits
Specially designed to be used on concrete with hand-held drills, either wet or dry. These Diteq core bits are made for quicker cutting and increased life of the bit. That’s the kind of quality you can enjoy with Diteq’s expertise in diamond tools. Usable on cinder block, concrete block, and brick. You can even take your drilling up a notch with turbo speed.

Dry Core Bits
Again Diteq thinks ahead in their manufacturing, creating a quality core bit for dry concrete drilling that will last. Buying quality, lasting products means you don’t have to constantly replace them. You can use this tool and enjoy faster cuts and longer lasting equipment. The diamonds are strategically placed to increase bit strength and maximize cutting performance.

Asphalt and Concrete Bits
The manufacturer took into account the type of materials their customers would be drilling into with their products and went a step further toward making bits that are stronger and longer lasting. The right mixture of materials makes all the difference, and that’s the kind of quality you get from Diteq.

Stone Core Bits
Diteq takes it all a step up with their laser welded stone core bits. The laser welding allows this bit to boast the ultimate strength and durability, allowing you to maximize your productivity. Premium fast drilling available to you through MC Tool & Safety!

Adapters and Extensions
MC Tool & Safety carries a variety of adapters and extensions for your existing Diteq drilling equipment. Convert and build off your existing drilling capabilities with these Diteq tools.

Nothing cuts quite like a diamond. Precision and speed you need to get the job done faster, at a lower cost to you, and ultimately the benefit of your customers. Diteq makes their products with different budgets in mind. McClellan carries blades ranging from economy to premium, all from Diteq.

Whatever your diamond core drilling equipment needs, the MC Tool & Safety team can help you find the right Diteq tool at the right price. If you need something you don’t see in our inventory, let us know what it is you’re looking for, and we’ll work together to get you what you need.

Contact the MC Tool & Safety team today to get started fulfilling your industrial and safety equipment needs. Give us a call at 763-786-5350.

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