In the trades, safety is pivotal not only to the success of your work but to your laborers. That’s why MC Tool & Safety provides you with excellent safety equipment and products from established manufacturer Dentec.

Take it from them; there’s a reason Dentec refers to themselves as the “safety specialists”. It all began with their Comfort-Air half masks and cartridges which have been around for over four decades! That’s the kind of time invested in a specialized market you can count on to provide your crew’s safety equipment.

What Dentec Does
Throughout their years, Dentec has set their sights on producing safety solutions but with a specialized approach to result in a specialized product. They also designed their products to fit with ultimate comfort while maintaining sturdy durability giving you the best possible value in safety equipment!

Types of Dentec Safety Products:

  • Respirators
  • High Visibility Vests
  • Hearing Protection
  • Head Protection

Dentec Respirators
Masks by Dentec are made different. They’ve been specially designed with features Dentec added to make them even more user-friendly. What better manufacturer could you buy from? On their half-face masks, enjoy a deep chin cup and unique low-fitting nose coverage with reduced “dead-air” space. The mask has a no-slip, textured face seal on its flexible rolled edge for overall better fit. They uniquely designed a corrugated exhalation valve diaphragm combined with the extra large inhalation valves for easier breathing.

High Visibility Vests
Keep your workers protected by ensuring that they are hard to miss with Dentec’s high visibility safety vests. Made with lightweight polyester mesh, adjustable front closure, and durable side straps made of elastic so that one size fits all. Available in two colors, lime, and orange, as well as an option adorned with reflective tape. Great for use in commercial construction, road construction, maintenance, transportation, and more. Need large quantities to cover all your laborers? They can be ordered by the case, as well!

Hearing Protection by Dentec
Of course, we all want to keep our hearing intact as long as possible, and when you work in the trades around heavy equipment, it’s crucial to keep your ears covered – or at least protected. For protection against moderate noise, Dentec makes soft, lightweight earplugs made of a foam rubber. For over-ear noise reduction, protect ears with dentec’s oversized foam ear cushions. They boast not metal parts which makes them friendly in electrical work environments. The adjustable headband can be worn either over or behind the head, even under the chin. Protect from the noise of tractors, saws, power tools and other causes.

Dentec Head Protection
Who knows what the most important safety protection is, but head protection is certainly a good contender! Especially in the trades, there are numerous risks in a laborer’s every day, so it’s important to provide them with the protection they need to be protected against injuries to the noggin. Dentec’s hard hats come with a 6-point woven nylon strap with a ratchet lock which provides better suspension, balance, and absorption of impact. Don’t worry about sweat dripping into your worker’s eyes; the cushioned brow pad will absorb any excess moisture from the head. These hats are made adjustable to fit a variety of head sizes, too! Available in six colors. And for the change of the seasons, Dentec also makes heavy duty and lighter weight liners to keep warm as the temps drop, but the work goes on.

Safety Equipment Experts at Dentec
Dentec is in the business of protecting laborers so they can keep working with peace of mind. And MC Tool & Safety can help you find whatever safety equipment you and your team need to get the job done. Give us a call to discuss your needs today, 763-786-5350.

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