Specialty Contractors

At MC Tool & Safety, as an industrial equipment supplier, we know the importance of having high-quality, reliable tools and equipment to do your job – even better if they’re designed with your specialized trade in mind. It’s so important to us, it even influences the brands we carry and what we recommend to industrial specialty contractors.

Your job depends on your tools, and we don’t take that lightly. When we work as your industrial supplier, we take into account the issues known to your trade and recommend tools from the brands that have done their homework.

A Few of the Specialty Contractors We Serve:

  • Plumbers and Pipe Fitters
  • Electricians
  • Abatement Specialists
  • Mechanical Contractors
  • Fire Protection and Sprinkler Companies

Plumbers and Pipefitters
MC Tool & Safety is proud to be the industrial equipment supplier that can source you with every tool you need to get the job done time and time again. As a pipefitter or plumber, you encounter a diverse set of challenges and environments in every day on the job. The MC Tool & Safety team knows this and that’s why we carry products from brands like Reed Manufacturing, Diteq, Abbott Rubber Company, and Honeywell. From personal protective equipment to keep you safe on the job, to pipe cutters, cutter wheels, hinged cutters, and vises made for a variety of materials, we carry the tools you need to do your job right.

Not only is safety paramount in your line of work, the quality of your tools is key, too. While there’s some crossover, often your tools can’t be just any tool – they have to be manufactured with your job in mind. That’s what we supply at MC Tool & Safety, products from brands that do their research, even surveying the end-user to ensure that they produce quality tools. We carry everything an electrician could need, including testers and indicators, meters, cable pullers and their accessories, grips, breakaways, punch down tools, and knockout punches, all from brands that prioritize quality.

Abatement Specialists
When your everyday work is centered around the proper removal of toxic substances, your equipment has to be as specialized as you are. Quality personal protective equipment (PPE) is of the utmost importance for abatement personnel. Protecting your skin, eyes, and lungs are a top priority to us and the PPE manufacturers we trust enough to recommend. We carry PPE from brand names you know such as Honeywell, Pyramex, and 3M. These and other brands we carry specialize in disposable respirators, multi-use respirators, power and air-supplied respirators, as well as hoods and shields to protect your face and eyes, and chemical, abrasion, cut resistant gloves to protect your hands while you work. Our brands can outfit you head-to-toe in safety equipment so you can do your job with peace of mind.

Mechanical Contractors
Working with plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration involves a wide range of equipment and tools. At MC Tool & Safety, we know enough about your industry to recommend only the highest quality tools crafted especially for the work you’re doing. From rubber hosing by Abbott Rubber Company to pipe cutting equipment manufactured by Reed, we have the trusted name brands for tools and equipment you need.

Fire Protection and Sprinkler Companies
For those working in fire protection and installing sprinkler systems, there’s no better tool distributor and industrial supplier in the Twin Cities and greater Midwest than MC Tool & Safety. We have an amazing selection of tools and brands available to protect workers and help put fires to a stop. The right specialized tool you need, at the right price!

The Difference You Get With MC Tool & Safety
At MC Tool & Safety, we believe in doing more than just pushing a product and making a sale. We take pride in what we do and in what you do, so we work to do our part well. We strive to be knowledgeable in the trades and their respective equipment so that we can provide you with the right tools for the job. We want to bring you tools that increase your efficiency so you can lower your overhead and increase the profits of you and your customer. The McClellan team is customer focused, and we carry brands that are too. We get to know the equipment we carry so that we can pass along the knowledge and ensure you are using your products to their full potential.

Let us serve you and your team by providing you with the specialized tools and equipment you need to do your job well and more efficiently.

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