The MC Tool & Safety team is knowledgeable about a huge variety of industrial safety equipment and safety products from a wide selection of manufacturers. Our team is never just pushing a product for the sake of a sale. Rather we truly know the ins and outs of our products, and how they benefit the safety of the worker and in turn their employer.

We care not only about the vitality of your business but the safety of your employees. That’s why you will find that we know our products well enough to teach you how to use them.

The Type of Safety Products We Sell

  • Fall Protection
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Eyewear
  • Gloves
  • Head Protection
  • Hi-Vis Wear

Fall Protection

Our team at MC Tool & Safety knows that fall protection is an incredibly crucial safety measure in numerous trades, particularly construction, roofing, plant maintenance, and more. Where heights are involved, trust your safety to the best.

We provide fall protection equipment such as harnesses, lanyards, carabiners, anchorage, and kits from several reputable, trusted safety equipment manufacturers. We will help you determine what your team needs to get the job done with safety accounted for by quality protection equipment.

Respiratory Protection

When working in the trades, it’s not uncommon to encounter respiratory hazards, but there are many protective measures you can take to keep your team’s lungs safe. The MC Tool & Safety team can provide you with options from a number of safety manufacturing brands.

Respiratory equipment ranges from disposable masks, reusable masks, and power and air supplied respirators. Whatever’s the right respirator for the job, we will give you the hookup.


The eyes are so much more than the window to the soul, which is why proper protection from elements in all trades is vital. Several of our featured manufacturers carry eyewear safety products that can help keep your employees protected on the job from particles and debris. From standard protective glasses to goggles, we have the right eyewear for the job.


Tradespeople rely on their hands as a means of making a living, which makes them as important a part of the body to protect as any. Ensure that your employees’ hands are protected from abrasions, cuts, extreme temperatures, and chemicals by providing them with high-quality personal protection equipment in the form of gloves.

Many of our manufacturers produce gloves geared at a variety of specific trades, designed specifically for the challenges of that job. Our knowledgeable team can help you determine which gloves and which brands are best for your company.

Head Protection

Keeping your employees’ heads safe is probably of the utmost importance of any safety measure. Prevent head injuries by outfitting your workers with the right gear for their environment and their role. From hard hats to caps, we carry it all, from several different brands, so you have choices.

Hi-Vis Wear

High-visibility wear often includes vests, jackets, and caps, are suited for certain trades over others. Necessary on construction sites as well as in road resurfacing, at MC Tool & Safety, we can help you outfit your entire workforce in hi-vis gear from a variety of safety equipment suppliers.

The MC Tool & Safety Difference

Just because sales is in our name, it doesn’t mean we’re mindlessly throwing products your way. We actually know about the products we’re selling, including how to use them! That comes in handy when it comes time for you to use them. We will not only set you up with the right equipment but ensure you know how to use it.

To purchase safety equipment for your team, contact ours today by calling 763-786-5350.