Public Works

MC Tool & Safety is proud to serve as industrial equipment supplier for public works projects in local and state municipalities in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and the surrounding Midwest states. We pride ourselves on carrying an assortment of tools, supplies, and equipment that public works departments need to get the job done.

We offer a variety of brands so that you can find the right tool, in the right time, at the right price. Not only do we have a selection to choose from so that you have options, but we are knowledgeable about our products as well as your specific needs.

Road Construction

Especially in the Midwest, road construction is easily one of the most prominent areas of need when it comes to industrial equipment supply in any state or local public works department. Whether for projects such as resurfacing a side road or a freeway, installing residential curbs, updating sidewalks, or restriping a roadway, there is a huge number of equipment and tool needs to account for.

For every tool you need from quality diamond drilling equipment that will last, to hi-vis safety gear and personal protective equipment for employees, even a more efficient locate paint marking system to save annually on wasted paint, MC Tool & Safety has what you need from brands you can trust.

Personal Protective Equipment

Any number of roles within a state or local government could need head-to-toe protection on the job, and MC Tool & Safety can help you find just what you need to cover everyone. Several brands we carry provide a range of high-visibility clothing, perfect for jobs where a worker can’t risk going unnoticed. Many public works department employees encounter work hazards on the job daily that require tough PPE their life can depend on. We know that at MC Tool & Safety, which is why we bring you the brands we do and teach you how to use them properly.

Quality Brands That Specialize in What You Need

Find what you need from brands you know like 3M, FallTech, Honeywell, Rust-Oleum, and Ames-True Temper. These and more are the companies who have put in the years and research so they can make a quality product that will last and serve you well. When it comes to serving your people, what more could you want than lasting quality equipment?

Why Buy From MC Tool & Safety?

There’s a difference when you work with us for your industrial equipment supplies. We aren’t just trying to push inventory, but we get to know every industry and market we work with so we can serve them well. Because at the end of the day, that’s what we’re really all about is taking care of our customer and meeting their equipment and safety needs. If that means supplying safety equipment and teaching the customer how it works, that’s what we do. If we need to go a little further to source a product that’s not on our shelves but meets your need, that’s what we do.

We work to give you the right product, in the right time, at the right price. Partnering with us for your equipment needs can help increase your efficiency and allow your department to get more done, safer.

Let’s work together on your next project and to outfit your employees for safe work every day. You can reach our team of knowledgeable tool and safety equipment experts at 763-786-5350.