On the job safety is of the utmost importance to the success of a job and company, not to mention actual lives depend on it. MC Tool & Safety cares about the safety of the tradespeople we supply, which is why we carry personal protective equipment and high-visibility clothing for our customers.

Now, we could just give you the products you want and let you figure out the rest, but that isn’t the MC Tool & Safety way! We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the equipment we sell, especially the safety equipment. So when you purchase PPE from McClellan, you can come into our offices and we will teach you what we know, doing our best to ensure the safety of your hard working laborers.

Hi-Vis Wear

There are several trades in which high-visibility wear, or hi-vis clothing, is a mandatory safety requirement on the job. A construction crew requires bright orange and yellow reflective vests are worn by members on the job site so they’re not missed by heavy machinery operators.

Road construction crews don the same bright reflective vests and jackets, so drivers are aware of their presence alongside traffic. Several brands we proudly carry have an array of hi-vis clothing options available to outfit your entire operation – work with a member of ours to get started finding the right items for your company.

Fall Protection: Harnessing, Anchorage, Carabiners, and Lanyards

When you’re climbing up the side of a cell tower in the middle of nowhere Minnesota to do maintenance, inspecting an electrical connection on a residential pole in the suburbs, or 30 stories up placing the last beam of a new high-rise in the city, your life depends on the right fall protection. There are a huge variation of trades and jobs in which quality fall protection is an absolute must.

But you don’t want to buy from a safety equipment supplier that doesn’t know the top of the harness from the bottom! That’s a far cry from what you get when you order fall protection equipment through MC Tool & Safety. We carry high-quality brands that we learn how to use, so that we can pass on our knowledge and enjoy the peace of mind that the equipment will do its part to keep your workers safe.

We bring you brands like FallTech, Honeywell, Ergodyne, and 3M for the ultimate in fall protection for your workers. Everything from harnesses, anchorages, carabiners, and lanyards, to kits that have it all, we can supply you with what your team needs to get the job done safely.

Other PPE

Personal protective equipment is crucial in so many trade industries. Carpenters, journeymen, plumbers, road workers, plant workers, and more all need protective wear on their head, hands, feet, eyes, and face. We carry a little bit of everything – or if you have a lot of workers to equip, we carry a lot. Products ranging including but not limited to respiratory masks, safety goggles, hard hats, protective footwear, chemical shields and hoods, rubber insulated gloves and much much more.

While there are far too many products to name it all, getting in touch with a member of the MC Tool & Safety team is a good place to start. We will talk over your company, your industry, and the needs of your teams to ensure that we help you select the right equipment for the hazards your laborers encounter. We’d be glad to work together to protect the most valuable part of your business.

Contact us by phone today to get started, call 763-786-5350.