There can seem to be an endless amount of tools and safety equipment that go into supplying a construction project. No one knows this better than a general contractor – except maybe the team at MC Tool & Safety. That’s only because we are the construction equipment supplier for many general contractors in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and the surrounding Midwest.

Many Quality Brands For Endless Options

We’ve studied the needs of construction general contractors great and small, so they know that we are ready with the equipment necessary to get the job done efficiently with tools that will last. That’s why we only carry the most trusted brands for both safety and tool manufacturing.

We have so many quality brands who manufacture tools for such a great number of uses, whatever your equipment needs, we have something. For the right product, at the right price, we carry tools and safety equipment from brands such as Bosch Tools, 3M, FallTech, Diteq, Honeywell, MK Morse, Reed Manufacturing, and many more!

Power Tools, Core Drilling, and Saw Blades

We both know that your carpenters need high-quality tools to do a high-quality job. That’s why we bring you power tools from Bosch, a long trusted name in the industry. They’re constantly innovating, putting out an array of new tools each year.

Boost your crew’s efficiency with tools that work better and smarter, so they can too. For concrete, asphalt, and other hard surface core drilling tools, we recommend the highest-quality crafted diamond drilling equipment from Diteq. Make the work go faster with bits and drills that last longer. Same goes for saw blades from MK Morse. They’ve refined a saw blade for every application your crew could need. And McClellan can source it to you.

Personal Protective Equipment

You know that every day walking onto the job, lives are stake. It’s just a part of the industry. And that’s why brands like FallTech, Honeywell, and 3M have worked to create equipment that a worker can rely on as if their life depended on it, because it does. We supply brands that take that as seriously as we do. In fact, we take it so seriously we learn how to properly use the equipment and can pass that knowledge along, so your crew is safe.

We can recommend products such as protective cut, abrasion, and chemical resistant gloves, headwear such as caps and hard hats, eyewear, earmuffs and earplugs, protective footwear, temperature specific and high-visibility clothing. Outfit your team with everything they need to end the day the same way they came.

Working with MC Tool & Safety

We do look at it as if we are working with you, because you’re getting the job done with tools we recommend and safety equipment we have demonstrated. We take pride in the part we play in making your projects possible, but we also take care. That’s what drives everything we do, serving our customers well.

To partner with us for all your industrial tool and safety equipment needs, get in touch with a member of our team today. You can do that by calling us at 763-786-5350.