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Preventing Slips on Snow & Ice

According to last year’s statistics, ice and snow-related falls accounted for 29% of worker’s compensation claims during the winter season. In many of these cases, workers were convinced they had on adequate boots or other gear to handle the slick terrain below their feet on jobs or public work projects. The reality is, however, that normal shoes just don’t cut it when you’re working on snow and ice with landscaping equipment or other environments. It’s better to have the proper gear and play it safe. Below we highlight a couple of ice traction products that will keep your feet on the solid ground this winter.

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Preventing Falls When Removing Snow From Rooftops

During the winter, many roofing companies and contractors in Minnesota stay busy removing snow from both residential and commercial roofing systems. Before scaling the roof, employers must evaluate how dangerous the situation is and what equipment is needed to do the job. They must inform all employees that the job is dangerous, what the potential hazards are, and how best to utilize the equipment to keep from falling.

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