During the winter, many roofing companies and contractors in Minnesota stay busy removing snow from both residential and commercial roofing systems. Before scaling the roof, employers must evaluate how dangerous the situation is and what equipment is needed to do the job. They must inform all employees that the job is dangerous, what the potential hazards are, and how best to utilize the equipment to keep from falling.


Roofing Conditions in Snow and Ice

Preventing rooftop falls requires an understanding of how ice and snow affect a roof’s surface. The situation can be worse than just slipping on the ice. Here are some potential dangers that can lead to falls:


●        If ice dams form, they can also break slide off the roof. Any ice that comes crashing down from the top of a sloped roof can slam into a worker and cause him or her to fall to the ground.

●        If a layer of ice or snow is dense enough, it can compromise the structural integrity of a roof. Framework, skylights, or decking could give way to the added weight of workers walking across the surface. In short, any roof that is covered in ice and snow is extremely dangerous.

●        Electrical hazards may also exist from power lines or snow removal equipment that is near the roof area. Electrocution can cause injury which can lead to a fall, thus, a more significant injury.


Using the Proper Industrial Safety Equipment

Employers can protect workers from hazardous roofing conditions by using OSHA approved equipment that makes performing the job easier and safer. Some examples include:


Cable Self Retracting Lifeline. A fall protection device that will fit most roofing applications. It can handle weights of up to 320 pounds. It meets all OSHA requirements.


Fall Protection Harness. Our harnesses have increased padding with additional reinforcement for ultimate security. An OSHA-approved harness has mesh shoulder yokes, non-slip dorsal D-ring adjustment, chest slides, mating chest buckle, and tongue buckle legs.


Traction Devices. Traction devices give you the grip you need on the roof without harming the roofing material. They also keep debris, ice, and snow from building up underneath your shoe so that you retain traction with every step. They’re easy to strap on and won’t hinder your agility while on the roof.


Shock-Absorbing Lanyard. Designed with an internal energy absorber to limit fall forces to 900 lbs or less. If a fall does occur it features a contrasting load-indicating stitch, so you know when to remove from service.


MC Tool & Safety Offers Fall Prevention Equipment for Roofs

Prevent falls from both residential and commercial roofs this winter with advanced industrial safety equipment from MC Tool & Safety. We provide a wide range of products for contractors and roofing companies across Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. To find out more about the safety equipment we have to offer or to make an order, call us at 888-206-2569, or you can message us at sales@mcsales.com.