People who work in or manage public works projects—or any type of construction project—tend to put practicality first, and they should! After all, if one’s general contractor tools, abrasives for construction materials, or construction equipment that doesn’t work correctly, workers’ safety and the in-progress facility’s future occupants could be at stake. Out of all businesses, MC Tool & Safety understands this!


So why are we writing a blog post on the benefits of personalizing your company’s hard hats and vests? We’re not talking about embroidered monograms; we’re talking about putting your business’s logo on your workers’ equipment. While the idea of your employees wearing your brand might sound satisfying, is there any tangible benefit to pursuing the personalization of personal protective equipment (PPE)?

Discover What Custom Vests and Hard Hats Can do for Your Team

Could a sports team feel unified without its members bearing its designated colors? Could an educational institution even hope to inspire school spirit without bright, flashy, consistent branding? Putting your team’s logo on their hats and vests allows them to feel like just that: a team. Promote a feeling of inclusion and togetherness with customized safety equipment from MC Tool & Safety. After all, a unified team is a trusty team.


Of course, the personalization of wearable PPE does more for your workers and your company than simply inspire.


●        It builds your community presence | If your employees tend to go to work in areas with high traffic, logos are essential. Potential future customers will take note of the job your workers do and, via the presence of a logo, associate it directly with your company’s image. Make sure that the job is outstanding day in and day out, and you’ve got yourself an advertising campaign for only the cost of the personalized equipment.

●        It creates an environment of accountability | When workers feel like a team, they inherently feel accountable for the work they do—they’re wearing your colors, after all! Personalized equipment helps to hold your workers to high standards by making them feel more responsible for their results.

●        It draws attention | Yes, even more so than they already do wearing high-visibility clothing (hi-vis)! Since such bright colors are so common in construction that many people don’t look twice upon seeing high-vis-clad workers on the side of the road. Logos themselves help to change up the standard equipment, acting as a draw to a potential customer’s eye.

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