When it comes to high visibility clothing (hi-vis), specifically safety vests, class is important. Safety vest classes determine where and in what situations the vest is appropriate for use, as well as what industries (public works projects, power tool suppliers, ETC) might be interested in using or selling a piece of personal protective equipment (PPE). Choosing the wrong vest for the job can result in grave injury to the wearer, so it’s critical for any professional who might run into these products to learn a bit about them.


MC Tool & Safety is here to help! Let’s take a brief look at safety vest classification and some uses for each type of vest.

3 Types of Safety Vests Explained

All safety vests are rated and approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Vests are divided into three categories:


●        Class 1 Safety Vests

Class 1 vests are suited for low-risk environments in which visibility is still a concern. These vests tend to be the smallest in size, don’t have the same hi-vis requirements per

square inch, and use the least amount of reflective tape in the three classes. When wearing a Class 1 vest, all workers should keep a safe distance from any roadways; however, it may be permissible to work near streets with slow speeds. Delivery company drivers and valet attendants might be able to make use of these vests.


●        Class 2 Safety Vests

These vests are for workers whose job carries a slightly higher risk than those mentioned in the previous section. They are larger, don’t have the same hi-vis requirements per square inch, and have more reflective tape, so as to provide better visibility than Class 1 vests. Workers who are on duty near moderate speed roadways could consider using these.


●        Class 3 Safety Vests

Class 3 vests are the largest and most reflective of all, suitable for poor-visibility conditions, such as heavy rain. If your workers risk death upon not being seen, you can’t go wrong with a Class 3.

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