Power tools are the bread and butter of contracting and construction endeavors everywhere. From the trusty drill to the ever-so-helpful powered handsaw, the creation of countless sturdy structures wouldn’t be possible without them. It’s in everyone’s best interest—your client’s and yours—if those power tools are kept in tip-top shape.


You probably know the best way to do this is periodic maintenance catered to the specific machine’s needs. However, at some point in almost every power tool’s working life, no matter how well you take care of it, you’ll probably also need to invest in repairs. While you may know all about how to keep your tools running strong, having an industry professional complete these ensures the job is done right, with a minimal investment of funds, time, and parts.


But this begs the question: when should you hand your tools over for a professional repair job? What can and can’t maintenance fix? While we can’t address every single power tool on the market in a single blog post, MC Tool & Safety, a provider of power tool repair services, discuss some overall rules of thumb below.

When it Comes to Your Livelihood, Don’t Tread in Unknown Territory When You Don’t Have To

No matter if you’re supervising public works projects or work with powered landscaping equipment, you probably are solving new and tough challenges each and every day. That’s what working with your hands entails! You need your power tools to tackle these unknowns with confidence; they should never be the unknowns themselves. If you find yourself venturing too far into the unknown when you’re trying to get a fussy tool working again, it’s probably best to take it to a professional.


Other signs you’re in need of professional tool repair include the following:


●        You suspect you might need replacement parts for that tool, but can’t confirm | Has the rechargeable battery just worn out, or is there something mechanical at play? If you can’t put your finger on what’s wrong with your tool, get a professional opinion.

●        You’re not sure if your tool is under warranty | Some tools are guaranteed to work under certain conditions for a certain period of time. If you’re not sure if your tool has a warranty, certain professionals (like us!) will do the legwork to determine this for you.

●        You’re frustrated | There’s nothing wrong with calling in professional help if you start to feel your irritation building. Power tools are a complicated business—we’d know.

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