We’ve all witnessed the consequences of poor communication. We see it every day in the workplace. What happens when lack of communication becomes a health hazard? According to OSHA, hazards communication (or lack thereof) is the second leading code violation in the work environment. It’s also a leading cause of injuries and work-related health conditions. The bottom line in the workplace is, if you have something to say, you need to say it!


What is Hazard Communication?

Good question. Here’s a scenario:


John sees a puddle of a toxic substance. He knows that the substance is poisonous and that it could injure a coworker who comes into contact with the substance. Knowing how hazardous the area is, he decides to rope it off and place hazardous waste signs around the area so that the other employees or other people walking by can see the signs in any direction. John also reports the substance to his superiors who develop a plan to contain or remove the substance.


In a perfect world, this scenario would play out every time. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world. Many times, hazardous waste or chemicals are left unattended, unreported, and ignored. Industrial supplies are not provided to alarm employees of hazardous areas.


The OSHA Standard

OSHA submits and updates hazard communication standards every year. In a nutshell, the standards are as follows:


Employers shall maintain copies of any material safety data sheets. They shall ensure that the material safety data sheets are readily accessible during each work shift in employee work areas. Employers shall ensure that employees are provided with information and training to detect the presence or release of a hazardous chemical in the work area and the physical and health hazards of the chemicals in the work area.


How MC Tool & Safety Can Help

The team at MC Tool & Safety helps companies provide tools, industrial safety equipment, and resources to make the workplace safer for all employees, visitors, and clients. We offer appropriate signage that can be custom designed for your company’s specific needs. Whether you’re preparing for a toxic waste cleanup or need to mark off stored chemicals, we have the signs that you need to provide clear and concise information. Your employees will appreciate your concern for their well-being, and you’ll reinforce OSHA code compliance. Whether you’re a large corporation or a startup company just getting off the ground, safety should always be your number one priority.


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