Summer is on the horizon, which is the busy season for many construction businesses across the state! It’s time for bigger profits, harder work and, perhaps most important of all, more satisfied clients. Your workers will most likely be giving it their all this season and picking up the pace to make sure any given project gets completed on time.


However, just because it’s the busy season is no reason to shirk on safety—in fact, it’s all the better reason to reinforce your current on-the-job procedures with new equipment and policies for a variety of reasons. For one, temperatures rise across the United States around this time of year. Though the trailers for construction managers provide at least some shade, your workers are frequently toiling away in full sun, which drastically ups the risk for heatstroke, heat exhaustion, and similar temperature-related maladies. A worker who succumbs to the summer sun is inefficient in even the best of cases, but incapacitated and unreliable in the worst.


MC Tool & Safety, as a provider of general contractor supplies and construction equipment, is here to help your crew beat the summer heat. Below, we’ll describe some of our top tool recommendations for this purpose.

Tools for the Heat-Vulnerable Team

While heat-busting tools are critically important for Southern states, where the temperatures can frequently surge above 100 degrees, you need to watch your state’s humidity levels too. If humidity levels and temperatures rise in tandem, it can be difficult for your workers’ sweat to cool their bodies efficiently. Even if your area is less intense on the heat side of things, high humidity and moderate heat levels still mean you can make use of the tools below.


●        A cooling hard hat pad from Pyramex | Heat safety and head protection don’t have to be mutually exclusive! With this product, your workers can stay cool while also keeping themselves safe from traumatic brain injury. The pad is reusable to boot; simply soak it in cold water for hours of cooling.

●        A cooling towel from Ergodyne | Versatile and easy to handle, cooling towels are a quick and easy way to get your team the heat solutions they need. Like the aforementioned hat pad, they are reusable and activated when soaked in cold water. Cooling towels from Ergodyne will help your team stay comfortable in the summer heat.

●        A cooling vest from Radians | Though this is admittedly a larger investment than hard hat pads, entire vests that work to keep the body cool can let your team work on days when it otherwise would be too dangerous. These vests are also anti-microbial—quite a useful feature if multiple workers will be sharing them.

Contact MC Tool & Safety for Your Heat Solutions

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