The birds are singing, rivers rising, slush disintegrating—spring has finally arrived! No matter what climate you live in, springtime in the Northern hemisphere brings warmer weather and, at times, a renewed sense of purpose. If you’re in the market for general contractor tools or manage public works projects, you’d be wise to harness this energy and push forward on your projects with new vigor.


However, just because you and your employees might be feeling the effects of spring gives both parties no reason to ignore the ever-important concept of safety. Though it can be a common thought that, now that the ice has melted, spring is a safer season to work in, the wet weather and melting snow can create unique hazards which require unique skill sets and tools to tackle. Vigilance when it comes to safety is not a seasonal commitment. It’s a yearlong affair.


Luckily, MC Tool & Safety has everything—tools and services alike—you need to see your workers safely through the spring construction season. Below, we’ll dive into some of the most useful tools for spring safety management, so that you and your crew can attack your projects without fear of injury.

Springtime Safety Hazards are Numerous

What could go wrong when the snow and ice are melting? Quite a bit, in fact. Slipping and falling can become more likely in certain areas that become slick with water, and it can be harder to keep these surfaces free of that water than it is the ice of wintertime. In addition, as the snow melts, the soil can also begin to shift as it takes on new moisture, posing hazards for your workers who use scaffolding on a day-to-day basis. Finally, heavy rain and fog can make construction unsafe without the proper tools. 


As a responsible and ethical employer, you therefore have an obligation to invest in:


●        Fall protection equipment. New fall protection equipment can help you satisfy OSHA’s general duty clause, which, in essence, dictates that everyone deserves a safe place to work. A risk of falling from great heights violates this principle.

●        Competent person’s training. It’s crucial that you invest in this for any area that may be lacking; you need someone onsite who knows how to deal with springtime hazards, especially when it comes to scaffolding.

●        High-visibility clothing. The fog and rain can create situations in which visibility is poor, thus compromising the safety of your employees. Let them stand out in inclement weather with high-visibility clothing.


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