Skilled workers in many industries must learn how to navigate their jobs in confined spaces. According to the Occupational Health And Safety Administration (OSHA), a confined space is sizable enough for a person to enter and do certain jobs, but not designed for perpetual human presence. These spaces are generally also hard to get in and out of.


It doesn’t take an expert to understand why these types of spaces might be hotspots for worker injury. When entry and exit conditions are difficult, it can take a worker a fair deal of time or effort to remove themselves from a hazard, resulting in a higher likelihood of being exposed. Getting trapped can also be a very real concern.


With the proper safety procedures and high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE), your employees can stay safe and sound while performing their jobs in potentially dangerous spaces.

Think Before Entering Tight Spaces

We’ve already covered why confined spaces can be dangerous: the difficulty of entry and exit means a higher chance that your workers could be exposed to a workplace hazard. Now lets talk about how you can make these spaces safer.


For starters, employees working in confined spaces should be outfitted with high-quality safety products. Depending on your industry, these products may include things like fall protection equipment or high-visibility clothing. Our knowledgeable staff at MC Tool & Safety would be happy to direct you to whatever it is you may need to keep your employees safe.


While the right equipment is a prerequisite, there are other things you’ll need to think about before performing work in a confined space.


●        Study OSHA regulations. For workers’ safety, OSHA has safety regulations regarding specific types of confined spaces. In certain cases, safety equipment isn’t just advisable, but a legal requirement.


●        Analyze workers’ skill sets. Experienced hands are far better suited for difficult and potentially dangerous tasks than newbies, even when safety equipment is used.


●        Monitor the weather. Will rain make the surface of your confined space slippery and dangerous? If so, it’s best to hold off on work until conditions are safer.

Concerned About Confined Spaces? MC Tool & Safety is Here to Help

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