Many of us take our sense of hearing for granted. We don’t often think about our ability to listen to our favorite music, communicate with people, or read the vibe of a room through the tone of the conversations taking place within it. How would your life change if you weren’t able to do these things?


Hearing loss is a big concern in the construction industry, where prolonged unprotected exposure to loud noises can result in major consequences. Along with rendering workers unable to enjoy life and process their surroundings in the same ways they used to, hearing loss can prevent some workers from doing their jobs entirely. This leaves the employer without a skilled laborer and that laborer with fewer options for their future. Plus, there are legal concerns. Employers who do not provide the proper hearing protection for workers can be found in violation of OSHA regulations.


The good news? Hearing loss is preventable and employers can take steps to keep workers safe.

Hearing Protection is the Law

Keeping your workers protected from hearing loss isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the law. OSHA has regulations in place regarding how much noise exposure workers are allowed to undergo unprotected. Violation of these guidelines can have serious legal consequences.


For the sake of your workers’ welfare, you should offer hearing protection for all construction jobs, even if OSHA doesn’t require it. It’s best to provide the proper safety products if you have even the smallest concern regarding dangerous workplace noise levels. Check out the noise-protection products MC Tool & Safety provides here!


Along with purchasing the proper equipment, you can help keep workers safe by:


●        Investing in machines that produce less noise. It’s next to impossible to create a completely quiet construction site, but every little bit counts.


●        Listening to and addressing worker concerns about noise. This shows you are a caring employer and can keep you out of possible legal trouble.


●        Checking your sound-protection equipment frequently. Sound protection equipment should be free of wear and tear and should function the same way it did when it was new. If not, it’s time for a replacement.


Nervous About Noise? MC Tool & Safety is Here to Help

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