Our eyes and face are more than just the first thing other people notice about us. For construction workers, this part of their bodies is oftentimes crucial to do good work. From assessing visual construction components to hearing and smelling the signs of danger, your employees probably use their eyes, noses, and ears constantly to do their jobs right. Take those away via injury from a previously able-bodied construction worker, and that person is probably out of a career.


As an employer, you no doubt care about the welfare of both your employees and your company. Giving your workers a safe place to do their jobs is not only ethically sound, but it helps preserve employee faith in your business, as well as keeps employees for the long-term. It also makes sure you comply with all applicable OSHA regulations.


Eye and face safety is, for reasons stated above, an important part of running a viable construction site and business. Read on to discover more about this topic from MC Tool & Safety, a provider of construction equipment and general contractor supplies.

It Isn’t Just the Obvious That Needs Protection

In addition to the obviously significant ears, eyes, and nose, the facial region contains bones that protect what’s arguably the most vital part of the human body: the brain. This organ regulates almost everything that goes on in the body, from breathing to motor control. One wrong swing of a beam and a construction worker can easily be rendered disabled for life.


With so many important body parts centered around the face, protection becomes all the more vital. Employers can protect their employees by:


●        Investing in fog-resistant safety glasses | As useful as they are, safety-glasses can easily fog up in the right conditions, which limits already poor visibility. Purchasing fog-resistant pairs of safety-glasses can show your workers you care about their vocational welfare.

●        Not skimping on the personal protective equipment | If it’s not protected, your face and surrounding features are at risk of being injured, which can permanently impair your workers. You’ll feel better knowing your workers are overprepared by going above and beyond the industry standard for safety equipment. That’s what our team at MC Tool & Safety does!

●        Understanding the importance of high visibility clothing | Proper high visibility clothing is a particularly important part of personal protective equipment. Make your workers hard-to-miss with clothing that meets or exceeds OSHA standards.

Not Sure Where to Begin? MC Tool & Safety is Here to Help

Laws and regulations when it comes to safety equipment can be complex. MC Tool & Safety is here to help you make sense of it all and find the perfect equipment for your team’s individual needs. Give us a call today at 763-786-5350 or toll-free at 888-206-2569.