While we don’t normally think of them that often, our hands are some of our most useful assets when it comes to getting through everyday life. How else would you text on your phone, drive to and from work, or even cook dinner at night? For people who work in the construction industry, though, their hands are the very things that enable them to do their jobs. Operating machinery with safety and finesse can only be accomplished with their hands.


There’s nothing to joke about regarding hand safety. Construction workers and managers alike must take steps to keep their hands safe on the job to prevent everything from hospital trips to decreased productivity. MC Tool & Safety, a supplier of personal protective equipment, other types of construction equipment, and general contractor supplies, explains how below.

Hand Safety Starts with Awareness and the Proper Equipment

Many hand injuries are easily preventable. If you workers know exactly where these injuries come from, after all, they will be more likely to be careful! Accidents do happen, though, as much as we don’t want them to. This is why, when it comes to hand safety and the construction industry, it pays to:


●        Have safety regulations posted in a visible place. This is a good idea with any piece of equipment or practice that’s risky, but it becomes doubly important when it comes to hand safety. Place highly visible signs (the brighter the better) that give clear warnings about what can and cannot be done around any given machine. These signs should also give an indication of the power of these machines and what is likely to happen to a worker’s hand if he or she does not follow the proper instructions and usage advisories.


●        Spend longer than you think you’ll need to train workers on how to use machinery. This is doubly important if your workers are younger or inexperienced. Not only talking them through the controls, but also finding a mentor who can show them how those controls operate in a practical sense is paramount to the safety of your workers’ entire bodies, not just their hands.


●        Get the proper equipment! Wayward sharps, such as sheet metal or knife blades, can pose just as much a safety hazard as some machines, in some conditions. Invest in the proper cut-resistant gloves and keep your employees safe, no matter what situation they may find themselves in.

Looking for Great Construction Safety Equipment? MC Tool & Safety is Here to Provide

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