In the construction industry, a scaffold is much more than a simple platform to stand on. It allows workers to reach heights on buildings that would be deemed unsafe, should one use a ladder for the same purpose. Though temporary, these structures are mighty and, without them, our construction capabilities would no doubt be greatly hindered!


However, due to the large heights these structures allow workers to reach, scaffolds are littered with possible OSHA violations and potential safety hazards. It’s crucial for everyone in the construction industry to review proper safety rules when it comes to these structures. MC Tool & Safety, a provider of general contractor supplies, reviews the basics below.

Scaffolding and Safety Must Go Together

When it comes to scaffolding, there’s no such thing as being too safe. As stated above and as you probably well know, the height of this construction tool adds a fair degree of danger to the process. Without the proper precautions and fall protection equipment, you could have more than an injury on your hands; in other words, the death of a worker becomes very possible. Never forget how dangerous scaffolding can be, and never get complacent.


How can you go about keeping everyone at your construction site safe?


●        Proper training from a competent person. A competent person must train each and every one of your employees in how to erect, disassemble, and maintain scaffolding. This person also must demonstrate the ability to fix problems related to the scaffolding. A proper competent person’s training or a competent person’s safety course is a sound investment if your employees will be using scaffolding, as it spreads knowledge of exactly how to behave, should an emergency occur.

●        Proper maintenance of the scaffolding itself. Before any worker even sets foot on the lowest level, the scaffolding must be inspected at the start of each work shift. Should the competent person elet to make a change to this equipment, it must be inspected again. As alluded to above, when it comes to scaffolding, there’s no such thing as being too safe.

●        Proper fall protection equipment. Proper in this case means both fit for the job and in working order. How long has it been since you purchased new fall protection equipment for your workers or yourself? Instruct your employees to check and double check their equipment before ascending the scaffolding, and consider new equipment if it’s been a while.

Need New Fall Protection Equipment or Competent Person’s Training? Consider MC Tool & Safety

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