Of course, high-visibility clothing is designed to be easy to spot! Wearing personal protective equipment is an important safety precaution for workers in a variety of construction settings. However, high-quality pieces of high-visibility clothing are a little harder to spot and discern from their shoddily-made brethren. To the untrained eye, after all, a reflective vest looks like a reflective vest!


MC Tool & Safety is here to help. Below, we discuss how to spot good-quality construction safety equipment, as well as what features indicate poor workmanship. We take great pride in all of our safety products and wish to share exactly why with you.

Hi-Vis Clothing: Designed to Stand Out

Good hi-vis clothing reflects light, plain and simple. It’s designed to keep workers safe in conditions where visibility might be impaired, such as dusk, dawn, snow, and during particularly dusty procedures. If it seems tacky and garish, that’s because it should be. There’s no better way to spot a wayward worker than if they’re dressed as bright as a neon light!


To better serve its purpose, good quality hi-vis equipment should always be a shade of lime green or traffic-cone orange. Visibility-related construction supplies that are not made in this color are unlikely to do the job you need them to, resulting in worker injury.


Hi-vis clothing should also have some degree of reflective material strategically sewn onto it. As the wearer moves around, this material catches light and therefore reveals the worker’s location. Any hi-vis article of clothing that does not possess this feature is, again, unlikely to serve its intended purpose and poses a safety hazard to your workers. It probably shouldn’t even be considered high-visibility!


A surefire way to ascertain the quality of your hi-vis clothing is to review corresponding OSHA regulations. The federal government has put these rules in place to protect workers in all industries, though many rules pertain to construction firms and other manual labor industries. OSHA sets the standard for safe employees everywhere. Following the regulations put in place by this organization not only keeps you out of legal trouble, but also ensures the comfort and wellbeing of your workers. If you’re ever unsure about the quality of your company’s hi-vis clothing, simply measure it up to OSHA standards.

In Need of High Quality Hi-Vis Clothing? MC Tool & Safety is Here to Provide

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