If there is an emergency at your worksite, it is crucial to have an emergency escape plan to keep you and your employees safe. Not only do you need to have an emergency plan, but you also need to train your staff on what to do during an emergency. Though a detailed emergency plan is essential, if your employees do not know where to find it or what to do, it can do more harm than good.


When you come to our team to look for safety and industrial products, we can help you establish an emergency plan, as well. Here, our experts at MC Tool & Safety will discuss things to consider when developing your plan.

What to Include in Your Emergency Plan

1.      When your employees should report an incident, or what qualifies as an emergency.

In the industrial workplace, there are certain dangers each worker faces. It’s crucial that your employees are educated in who to report any incident to, whether it be direct supervisors, or in more severe cases, to call 911 for emergency services.

2.      Details of the alarm system you have implemented, including the noises, public addresses, and more.

The alarm system you have installed at your workplace needs to be fully detailed in your emergency plan. Additionally, your alarm system needs to have modifications that allow them to be just as effective for any disabled workers or persons as they are for other workers.

3.      Explicit details of planned emergency routes, policies, and procedures, as well as diagrams and more.

It’s crucial to have detailed plans so employees can envision where to go in an emergency. Additionally, if there are copies of the plans spread out, it is easier for your employees to have access to them for a safe evacuation. You also need to ensure the policies and procedures for your evacuation are expressly detailed for your workers.

4.      How to account for every employee during and after an emergency situation.

You should also have a set organizational tree for employees and supervisors to ensure every single one of your workers escaped the incident.

5.      Leaders in the organization who can be called for questions about the plan, as well as those to be called in an emergency.

The contact information for supervisors and other personnel should be listed on the plan, so employees can call with any questions.


There are multiple other things that can be included in your emergency plan. To learn more, contact our team today.

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