HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuum cleaners are a healthier solution to standard vacuums in the workplace. They are ideal for workers who have allergies or work in areas where high levels of dust and air particles occur. Below, we give a detailed description of HEPA vacuums and their benefits.


What is a HEPA Vacuum

HEPA vacuums are equipped with filters that can contain tiny air and floor particles and keep them from circulating in the air. Whereas standard vacuum cleaners allow these particles to escape back into the air stream, HEPA vacuums will trap these particles so that they can be properly discarded outside of a facility. This type of filtration and containment is what makes HEPA products ideal for the workplace.


HEPAs Trap 99.97% of All Airborne Particles

MC Tool & Safety offers HEPA cleaners that can trap 99.97% of all particles floating in the air or trapped in the floor. They can be used on all types of surfaces such as carpet, tile, wood, desks, work benches, equipment, walls, curtains, and other areas throughout a facility. Our vacuums can capture and contain particles that are larger than 0.3 microns. This gives them a significant advantage over traditional vacuum models.


Other Benefits of Industrial HEPA Vacuums

In addition to making the air cleaner, there are other direct benefits of our HEPA vacuums:


●        Can be used for wet, dry, and hazardous applications

●        Meet or exceed all industry standards and OSHA regulations

●        Are ideal for larger particles or tougher substances such as cement dust

●        Can be used for hazardous asbestos and lead removal

●        Easy to setup and use


Our HEPA Products are Certified

Our HEPA vacuum filter systems are designed to meet the most stringent standards including the European Norm (A.K.A., EN 1822). Our vacuums can maintain a 99.97% level of filtration. This is reinforced with a tight seal in the vacuum head, the bag, the filter system, all hoses, and exhaust ports. Once all particles are sucked into the vacuum, they have no way of escape. Any particle larger than 0.3 microns will be trapped and transferred outside of the workplace.


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