In our industry, your workers are constantly entering confined spaces to get their jobs done. Confined spaces represent a slight risk to anyone who enters; therefore, OSHA has strict requirements for these situations. Each workplace has to follow OSHA’s standards or they could be shut down or heavily fined.


To prepare your staff to enter confined spaces, you must ensure they are properly trained, have the proper safety equipment, and have the proper tools. Here, our expert staff at MC Tool & Safety will discuss the best ways to approach confined space solutions in your place of business.

Training Your Team

Before any of your employees enter a work zone with confined spaces, you should ensure they are properly trained and know how to handle themselves in those situations. To do this, your older employees should have a refresher course every once in a while. Additionally, new employees should not enter these areas unless they are properly trained and receive certification, and know all protocols regarding confined spaces. If you and your employees are not compliant with OSHA, you could be fined. Some additional requirements regarding confined spaces include:

●        Entry supervisors

●        Attendants

●        Authorized entrants

Protective Equipment

Along with properly training your employees to work in confined spaces, you must also provide them with the proper safety equipment. Though most workplaces require the same types of safety equipment, there are additional pieces you can instruct your employees to wear or use in confined spaces. Some of these pieces of equipment include:

●        Hard hats

●        Goggles

●        Protective clothing

●        Face shields

●        Respiratory devices

●        Confined space gas monitors

●        Tripod and/or 3-way retrieval systems

●        And more

Adequate Signage

Another essential aspect of safety in confined spaces is ensuring there are warning signs and other informational signs posted frequently throughout the area. By doing this, you can be certain that everyone who enters the area is properly informed of any hazards that may be beyond that point. Examples of proper signage include:

●        “Permit-Required Confined Space Do Not Enter”

●        “Confined Space Authorized Personnel Only”

●        “Confined Space Do Not Enter”

●        And many more

Constantly Seek New Information

No matter how much of an expert you believe you may be in your field, there is a constant influx of new information. By researching and talking to other experts in your field on a daily basis, you can ensure your workplace is as safe as possible while also ensuring your employees know everything they need to.

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