Following proper scaffolding safety regulations is a vital part of staying safe on the job. Without proper scaffolding, not only is your company breaking industry safety standards, but you’re also putting workers at risk. At MC Tool & Safety, our industrial safety equipment is designed to keep workers safe on the job. To find out if your job site is following proper safety standards, keep reading.

Different Worksites Require Different Equipment

Depending on how tall the scaffolding at your worksite is, you may have to add extra safety measures. All these standards and guidelines are set by OSHA. According to OSHA regulations, if the scaffolding is 10 feet or higher, it has to have either a guardrail or a personal fall arrest system implemented. In the regulations, single-point and two-point adjustable scaffolding systems have to have both a guardrail and personal fall arrest system. At MC Tool & Safety, we offer a variety of safety equipment to help your workers stay safe on the job.

Scaffolding Training

Before anyone can utilize scaffolding equipment, they need to be properly trained by a qualified person. Each employee needs to be taught how to operate, maintain, erect, disassemble, and inspect the equipment. The person who trains the employees needs to be certified, have had in-depth training, or vast experience. According to OSHA, if employees are properly trained, they should be able to recognize hazards and come up with solutions that lead to safety.


Before scaffolding is used for a job, someone with proper training or certification should go through the equipment to ensure it is in good working order. Not only does the scaffolding need to be inspected before every job begins, but it also needs to be inspected before every work day begins to ensure it was not damaged during the previous shift. Only a trained person can alter or repair the equipment. Any other safety equipment, such as personal fall arrest systems, should be inspected before every job and shift to make sure it’s not worn or damaged.

General Requirements

OSHA’s standards for proper scaffolding are in-depth and lengthy. All work sites must follow a few general safety standards:


●        Capacity: Scaffolding has to be able to withstand at least four times its maximum intended load.

●        Falling Objects: All employees have to wear hard hats on the site. Additionally, proper guardrails, arrest systems, screens, nets, canopies, and other structures have to be in place before work begins.

●        Safe Distance: The scaffolding equipment by rule needs to be within a certain distance of the building being worked on. Additionally, the scaffolding has to be a set distance away from power lines.

Best Industrial Safety Equipment In The Area

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