Of all the injuries that can occur on a job site, falls are unfortunately one of the most common causes of injuries or fatalities. All worksites must follow OSHA’s standards for safety, and even sometimes go beyond the required standards to prevent injuries. At MC Tool & Safety, we have a multitude of fall prevention equipment and products to help keep your staff safe on the job.

How to Set Up a Safe Environment

Every employer has to be prepared for safety hazards on the job and have the proper equipment to keep their staff safe. The job site has to be designed so workers cannot fall off platforms, elevated areas, or into holes. OSHA regulates all workplace standards and says that fall protection of some kind has to be required at four feet in industry settings and six feet in the construction industry. Additionally, if there is work being done on an overhead platform over equipment or substances, there has to be fall protection installed.

Steps to Reduce Falls in the Workplace

In addition to all the safety requirements set by OSHA, there is also a detailed list of recommendations that can help keep people safe on the job. Some of these include:

●        Installing guardrails or toeboards around elevated areas

●        Utilizing safety nets, harnesses, lines, stair rails, and handrails to help employees find balance if they slip or fall

●        Setting up the equipment so workers do not have to reach or extend much to attach lanyards, self-retracting devices, and other products.

●        Using guardrails, toeboards, or personal fall arrest systems, no matter the height, to prevent workers from falling into or onto dangerous equipment or substances.

Safety Tools to Consider

MC Tool & Safety has many products that can increase safety and prevent injuries on the jobsite. Here are some of our frequently bought safety products:

●        Web extenders and lifelines

●        Guard rails

●        Shock-absorbing lanyards

●        Anchor slings

●        Harnesses

●        Anchor wedges


When you choose MC Tool & Safety, you get a team of safety specialists to help you understand your safety needs. From there, we’ll instruct you how to properly use the equipment so you’ll get the most out of your products.

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