With summer around the corner, now is a great time to consider outdoor safety protective clothing. Summer is synonymous with construction project startups, so the right safety clothing will protect workers from adverse weather conditions as well as provide important visibility at work sites.


As you search for the right safety clothing for your workers this summer, another element to consider before buying is adding logos to all of your gear. The addition of logos brings further benefits to your safety program. What are some of the benefits?

Benefits of Logos

  • Facilitate a sense of uniformity and promote pride and responsibility.
  • Identify personnel for safety reasons. Logos help you easily spot employees from non-employees in your facility and on your work site. This can be especially important on bustling construction sites.
  • Distinguish between jobs with the addition of labels to the logos. For example, a vest might say “Maintenance” or “Security.”
  • Ensure clothing has been approved for the job. Some jobs require clothing that is especially pertinent to safety, such as flame-resistant or arc-flash clothing. If the clothing does not have a logo, it may not be rated for the task assigned.
  • Reduce theft and loss of items. Stolen items with logos are harder to resell.
  • Provide free advertising for your business.
  • Design great gifts for customers. Whether you’re in a pinch or hosting an event, surplus or planned safety items with your logo make excellent gifts.

What Items Should You Logo?

There are many opportunities to add logos to items when purchasing for your business, warehouse, or construction site. This is especially true when it comes to buying safety items. Such items include:



Rain Suits




Face Protection

Hard hats

Glasses and goggles

First Aid Kits


Operating equipment


Tips for Adding Logos

Corporate logo apparel consists of clothing items for your company’s employees meant to maintain brand consistency for customers that come in contact with your brand. Before ordering, follow these quick tips:

Understand Who and What the Apparel is For

Are you ordering apparel for a labor-intensive group, such as construction workers? Depending on the group and the job, they will have different expectations for fit, comfort, safety, and durability.

Men’s vs. Women’s Logo Apparel

There are differences in men's and women's clothing, such as the difference in body shapes and the fact that women’s apparel tends to run smaller than men’s.

Make Sure You Have a Professional Design

A professional can help you understand how the stitch count of a clothing item may affect your design. Additionally, brand specialists can advise you on appropriate material and color choices for your apparel. Don’t settle for anything less than a premier logo design for your company.

Order Your Safety Equipment Today!

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