Oxygen deficiencies and toxic closed-space environments lead to hundreds of worker deaths or injuries every year. In most cases, workers are completely unaware of the conditions that they are walking into. For this reason, gas monitors are used to gauge how much toxicity is in an enclosed space so that workers will know whether to enter or not.


Gas Monitor Repair & Calibration

At MC Tool & Safety, we check your monitor by exposing it to concentrated test gas. This allows us to take a reading of the monitor. We test it for accuracy in two areas:


●        Gas Levels. If your monitor is correct, then it will display the exact amount of gas in the atmosphere. If not, then we can adjust the monitor so that it provides an accurate reading.

●        Alarm Trigger. If the level of gas in the room is toxic enough to cause sickness or death, then it should trigger an alarm. If the alarm, however, does not go off, then we will repair it.


Testing the Monitor Daily.

Although we can come in periodically to test and repair the gas monitor, we can also train you to do it before each work day. This quick assessment is known as a bump test. You can evaluate how accurate the monitor is and how much gas is in a given environment. If you find that the readings are not correct or that the monitor is not working, then you should call a MC Tool & Safety Technician immediately. We also advise that you seal off the area until we arrive. You should never go more than 24 hours or between work shifts before testing the gas monitor.


Accuracy Loss: What Causes It?

Confined space gas detector contain sensors that are strategically placed around a room or other area. The intensity of the environment and the location of the sensors can affect how well the sensors work. Some atmospheric conditions such as rooms with high levels of CO or H2S can affect the sensor in a negative way. Other substances can also damage the sensors. These may include harsh chemicals, high temperatures, water, or dirt and grime. Therefore you need to make sure that the sensors are either protected or that we install sensors that can withstand harsh environments.


Trust MC Tool & Safety to Test Your Gas Monitors

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