Theft is an ongoing problem on work sites. The reason theft persists, however, is because companies don’t provide adequate storage and security for tools. In many cases, they’re left lying around.


You can secure your work tools and equipment with Jobox anti-theft storage boxes and containers. Jobox storage chests offer flexibility in size and storage capacity.

How Do Jobox Storage Units Prevent Theft

Jobox has multiple features that prevent theft. For instance:


●        The gear-lock dual rotary lock system offers industry-grade security

●        Latch pins pivot from side-to-side to engage with the gear-lock system

●        Self-Rising box lids deter thieves from trying to get into the box

What Are the Benefits of Jobox Storage Containers?

There are several benefits that make the Jobox Storage system a superior anti-theft container.

●      Corrosion Resistance

The container is protected by textured powder paint. The paint does not corrode or rust. Therefore, the Jobox retains its natural finish for a long time.

●      Sturdy Steel Hinges

Storage containers are often judged by their hinges. Jobox containers are fitted with stakes and hinges for added durability. The hinges are built to withstand thousands of open and closes, and they’re even theft proof. You can’t pull the hinges off in order to open the lid.

●      EZ-Loader Skid Bolsters

One of the best benefits of Joboxes is they are safe. The Skid bolsters allow the storage unit to be lifted onto a platform without the possibility of the container falling from the forklift. The bolsters give you access from all four sides of the unit and liftability from two sides.

●      Compact and Portable

Jobox storage containers are designed to save space. You can place them anywhere on the site and keep them out of the way. They’re also portable, so you can deliver them anywhere without the shelves coming open or damaging the container in any way.

Jobox Options

Jobox storage units are rugged, dependable, and secure. They can meet the demands of professionals and contractors in any type of harsh working environment. Jobox storage solutions will keep your equipment safe, and they’re available in a wide range of options such as:


●        Cabinets

●        Casters

●        Chests

●        Clamshell boxes

●        Foreman stations

●        Gang boxes

●        Rolling workbenches

●        Truck boxes

MC Tool & Safety Offers Jobox Heavy Duty Steel Chests

If you are looking for Jobox storage solutions, then contact MC Tool & Safety. We offer heavy-duty steel chests and other containers for contractors, construction crews, and work sites.


To find out more about the products and services we provide, as well as safety education opportunities, call us at 888-206-2569.