Contractors and workers use high-quality hoses in harsh working environments where a regular hose (i.e., a standard garden hose) is not adequate. Tough commercial-grade hoses from MC Tool & Safety consist of sturdy material that is impenetrable, kink-free, and extended for ease of use.


MC Tool & Safety offers high-end industrial hoses that can be used in a range of applications for all types of industries. To find out more about our hose products, visit the search engine on our website or contact us at 888-206-2569.


Below, we cover the attributes that you should look for in a high-quality hose.

Durable Construction

Commercial and industrial hoses are typically made with PVC blend reinforced spiral plies and synthetic cords. They contain a non-marring, abrasion resistant, and mildew resistant outer jacket. A high-quality rubber hose will not kink or bend during use. The hose will allow more water to pass through at a higher rate. You can also roll some hoses up flat for easy storage.


Commercial-grade hoses can handle an intense amount of water flow. Most hoses have a water pressure threshold of 250 to 2300 psi or higher, making them more durable and long lasting. Bulk pressure hoses can handle temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Built for High-End Applications

High-quality hoses are built for demanding jobs in harsh environments where regular hoses are not adequate. A tough hose can withstand the high temperatures and pressure encountered in heat control, fire prevention, steam pump, steam cleaning, and hoisting equipment.


You can cut the bulk hose to the length you need and attach the fittings of your choice to create a custom hose assembly for any application.


Some examples high-end of applications include:


●        Steel mills

●        Refineries

●        Chemical plants

●        Outdoor construction

●        Excavation and demolition

●        Trash Pumps

Extended Length

Quality rubber hoses cover more ground so that you don't have to relocate the pressure device each time. Options include purchasing hoses 25 feet to 75 feet in length.


MC Tool & Safety Discharge hoses channel water at greater distances from the entry point of suction to another location or drain. This feature gives you the ability to connect multiple hoses at long distances, depending on the application.


You can perform more work in less time when connecting hoses to items that are hard to reach. Quality hoses allow you to gain more distance, with less dragging, saving you time in the process.

MC Tool & Safety Offers High-Quality Hoses

If you are looking for a high-quality hose that meets the needs of your company, then contact MC Tool & Safety. We offer commercial and industrial-grade safety equipment that is designed to handle a wide range of applications in harsh environments.


To find out more about the products and services we provide, as well as safety education opportunities, call us at 888-206-2569, or you can send a message to us at